Saturday, 8 November 2008


I have almost finished the quilting of one of the Give away quilts. Have to say it is looking pretty good so far, am pleased with the way it is looking, a little more quilting, the binding on then voila, finito.

The next one is tacked up ready for quilting too. I am now on a roll. I quite enjoyed tacking these, so have told Annette she can keep the pins, bless her, she had read my blog and removed all the pins from one of her quilts she was going to do and brought them back to me.
Oops, I forgot she has a computer too now.

The theme for the postcard swap on PP has been set ---HOLIDAYS---. That's a hard one for me as I don't really go on holiday. Days out occasionally, so that is what I have decided to do, one of our days out.

Today I received some pelmet vilene from Tessa, she works in a patchwork shop, lucky her! Bet all her wages is spent there! hahaha The vilene is brilliant, just the right weight for the postcards. She has sent me enough for 10 cards. I have some fabric for her as that was her request, hopefully I will get over to the PO tomorow and post it off to her.

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