Saturday, 29 November 2008


I have just put the latest picture in its place, Fiona's card completes group 2. You have to go back a few posts to see these.

Tomorrow is Annette's birthday.

Had a lovely day today, Annette and Reb came over and we played shops. My sewing room is altered, and turned into her shop and everything is for sale, books, mags, quilts, threads, lace, ribbons, you name it, we also save all the old lottery tickets, and she made a lottery machine, so we can buy the tickets. It is great fun. Today she brought over her cash register so we were really the business I can tell you. This is also a good way of her learning about money, and how to do change etc; this will also help her with her maths. It is her mum's birthday tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to Annette's as it is her birthday, did I tell you that already? Hee hee, she is watching that stupid Celebrity in the Jungle programme thingy, and apparently there is a bloke on it who she cannot stand and it was his birthday yesterday and he kept on and on about it. Well, it's Annette's tomorrow. Correct time 3.45pm she was born.

We are going to have Beef with all the trimmings, mmmm mmmm mouth watering already. She has made herself a Birthday cake....ahhhhhh...and Reb has made some chocolate cookies, that apparently haven't turned out right, but we will eat them anyway. Along with a glass of wine, we shall be singing Happy Birthday to you.

Hi Annette, when you read this you will laugh...I hope!!!!

All I hear is DVD this and DVD that. ARGH!!! I don't watch the programme, but I do know who she is talking about, and I would agree with her cos he always was a show off. One of those sort that goes, look at me I'm famous. SAD.

I have ironed all my fabrics for the SINGING GARDEN QUILT I am going to make, so hope to start that on Monday, not tomorrow, cos we are at Annette's cos its her BIRTHDAY.

I finished quite a few postcards today, very pleased with myself, so they will get posted on Monday. OH, by the way, Noel, I posted a package to you yesterday. :-)

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