Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Here are pictures of the finished Quilts, [four days early] done for the Give Away. Only one will be given away, I finished three UFO's to enable you to have a choice. The Pictures are;

1. Front
2. Detail
3. Back

Teddies Quilt = 43 1/2" square...the back is small green floral and it's polycotton

Chooks Quilt = 39 1/2 x 51 3/4"...the back is peach with small white flowers, again it's polycotton

Chevron Quilt = 38" x 46 1/2"...the back is 'in-your-face' orange! this time it's cotton

To win one of these Quilts, your choice remember, you have to find the original post for them and leave a comment there, NOT HERE is Sunday 2nd November.....

I will close this give away tonight 26.11.08 as I would like the winner to get the quilt before Christmas and what with the post being the way it is.....nuff said!!!! Ive tried to think of all the info you would wish to know, any questions do ask me. I'd hate for you to receive something you didn't like in the end.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself quilting these and I am a winner cos I have completed 3 UFO's. Yippee.....on to the next 3.


Sue said...

Well done, it must feel great to have finished three UFO's.

Di said...

How could ypu use that fantastic fabric on the back??? Mind you I would probably use it double-sided. You know how I love orange.

Joan said...

I have tried and tried to click on for your quilt,
as I love your Chevron and I am very new to this.

jan said...

Hi Sue, yep feels good, but on I go to the next ones, I am determined to get more done, now I am on a roll. I had forgotten how I enjoy quilting.

Di, easy, got loads of it.

Joan, I will put you in as you are new to this, email me and I will help you through it. :-)

Reflections of life and art said...

Janet, you did a fantastic job on all's going to be hard for the winner to choose! Each one is unique in it's own way.....very well done...not take a breather and pamper yourself this weekend....go have a cup of tea or java on me!!!


jan said...

Hi Noel, the winner is up for all to see, I went to the Random Organiser site, it is great, it picks winners and all sorts of things. Glad you liked the quilts. :-) I can now get on with that red heart one, I want to get that finished as it is for a present for my friend. Then some more UFO's whilst I am on a roll.