Sunday, 9 November 2008


Aren't these just yummy fabrics and colours. To tell you the truth, I cannot remember exactly which ones I have actually ordered. Hopefully it will be all of them. They are available at BRAMBLE PATCH.

These are the fabrics I have chosen to make Babs Quilt in. The one in Popular Patchwork, it is called, The Singing Garden Quilt. Do go out and buy the magazine, and make it along with the rest of us. Babs is a great designer of Quilts, and this one is no exception.

All the ladies who are making it on the forum, have posted pictures of their blocks so far, and even though they are all the same block, they all look really different. Great stuff.

I was going to do a night time garden, but have changed my mind. When these fabrics come I shall have to look in the old stash cupboard to see what will go with them. Cant wait for it to arrive now. I wish I could remember what I ordered!!!!! DOH!!!


Reflections of life and art said...

Beautiful fabrics Janet...I'm sure the quilt will be as well...can't wait to see it!

jan said...

The mauve one is out of stock, they rang this morning to let me know, so I've told them to wait til it arrives before posting the rest.....Got to wait a bit longer....