Sunday, 2 November 2008


This is a November Mingle card from Ann here in England, many thanks Ann brilliant firework display and right on time for 5th November too.

This one made me smile, it arrived 'dead' on Halloween! Well done my lovely friend Susan in Liverpool. Yet another of your brilliant cards.

The following is one of my cards, I made it today, well yesterday actually looking at the time!! My daughter's friend Zana passed her driving test AT LAST, so I decided to make her a Postcard to celebrate the fact. On the back the greeting the tune of AGADOO, altogether now...

Zana, do, do, do, get your car and go shopping,
Zana, do, do, do, open the door and get right in,
Look to the right then the left, and get it in first gear,
Off you go, Zana's PASSED and we all give a MIGHTY CHEER.

Zana is Greek, so my daughter may have to explain the symbols on the front. £ signs cos it cost a LOT of money, ripped up L plate, sign post for her favourite shops. I hope she likes her card.


Reflections of life and art said...

Nice postcards need to make a wall hanging with all the postcards you have...would that make a nice display??

jan said...

It would indeed, I am on the case, as they say.

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan,
Gotta love this postcard!!!!..... I LOVE FAP's to the point where I KNOW I'm addicted!!! Not a bad thing I guess. My collection numbers 100... what's yours?
I thank you for the addy to Popular Patchworks...What a GREAT site....
Godfreys... I'm such a "Joiner"
BTW I'm #13 on your blog followers LOL
Better go get dressed and get busy... I think my AM Jo has kicked in!!!
Have a great day and thanks for a great blog.....

jan said...

Hi Maggie,
No.13 eh? I'm sure it will be lucky for you. I am going to put some of my cards on here for a swap soon, so maybe you will fancy one and we can trade. :-)
Glad you joined PP too. Great stuff.