Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I've been asked by Maggie, my 13th Follower, Hi Maggie and welcome to you, how many cards - Fabric Postcards - I have. well, tomorrow I will count them all and let you know. I am guessing its around 100.

Then there are the QTC's......

Most of them if not all of them are on this Blog, so if someone would like to count them for me......

I must have sent the same amount, and then some. Phew. Who would have thought when my friend Di showed me how to make them a year ago, I would have made so many? Blame it all on Di. hahahaha

That is it for today, have to do my groups Newsletter by morning. So, bye all.


Reflections of life and art said...

Oh yes, I see Maggies' beautiful face on the follower list....Hi Maggie!!!

Janet, your fan list is getting larger...woo hoo for you!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

It's so much fun collecting all of our little "play pretties" You collect post cards like I collect fiber and yarn.

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan!! Thanks for your welcome.... isn't this FUNSIES!!!!
Gosh if you have over 100 FAP's and just started a year ago!!!!!!!!!!Yay You!! I have been doing them for longer.. maybe 3 years.... I really enjoy them..
BTW the gal that sells the bag patterns..... and the one that i loved so much and wanted the pattern. I would be willing to buy it if I had her email...
I just fell in love with that particular bag.. OMG I think I am possessed as i am nuts for bags.... LOVE making them..
Don't think there is a cure!! giggle giggle!!
See you soon..

jan said...

Hi Noel, she is lovely isn't she; amazing lady.

Hi Phyllis, I have got to get some of your fibre, I am sure I could do something with it, do you ever have any bits left over? Am I cheeky or what???

Hi Maggie,
Do you know I am sure I left an answer to you yesterday buty I see there isnt one here so mustnt have saved it. DOH me.
I am emailing Brenda about the bag for you. :-)
I too keep making bags, mind you I dont have anywhere near as many as my GD, between her mum and myself she is set for life with bags. hee hee She is a true bag-a-holic and she is only 9