Monday, 17 November 2008


Why does this happen to me?

Saturday, phone call from daughter. The lady we hire the hall from for my group has mixed the dates up. She thought we were there yesterday Saturday, but no we had changed it in April to 22nd Saturday. Cant have it, Wedding that day. Hmmmm!

So, now we have got to try and find another hall for that day, the newsletters have been posted out they will have already received them. Why me? I am not as they say - a happy bunny - My Suzanne has been round three places leaving our info so they should let her know tomorrow, BY LUNCHTIME I hope; then I can either let people know the new place for the meeting, or it will be cancelled. I really hope I don't have to cancel it, I have so much stuff for that meeting, as it is always our most attended one, also it is classed as our Christmas one. We have so much fun this day.

Nothing I can do about it cept sit here and grumble; grumble; grumble.

Hope the Wedding goes off OK!

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