Monday, 28 July 2008


She beats me to it every time, I am in the process of doing my Dragonflies and the Green NOT A QTC card, along with all the others. I cant seem to keep up at the moment. I am blaming it on the heat. WHEW! It is HOT HOT HOT.

Once again Kath, gorgeous cards. :-)


Cards I have been making whilst off the web, the black and white are for a definite swap, the Ginkgo leaves are for my stock pile of cards. By the amount of them you can guess, correctly, that I love doing them. I hope I am doing them justice.


All these lovely cards I received whilst my computer was 'not playing!' They are from various swaps, if you 'click' on the picture you will see which swaps they are.
They are really varied - Black and White; Alien; Rainbow QTC; Jungle; 1-1s; Lace - to name but a few.
The Sunbonnet is a card made for my friend's daughter, but had to post it for you to see.

Just a note here, I have these on my screen and they are all set out in the correct way, groups together and in perfect rows....what's the betting when I get to the real page, they will look messy!!!!


Well, my computer totally packed up on me so that is the reason I have been unable to post anything new for a few days.
My lovely Max came and fixed it all for me, something to do with the Dios or Bios?? All Greek to me. When I saw he had the Tower in bits, I removed myself from the room, pretty sharply. After two hours, bless him, he had it all fixed and back to its lovely usable self.
HOORAY for Max.
I am now able once again to post away.
Are you ready for this?????

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Remember my Jungle cards I made....boring looking weren't they. Well I couldn't put the whole thing here cos people peek here to see the cards they are getting.

Now they are starting to arrive, I can put what they are like when you open them up. I hope the ladies will be surprised when they see the 'colourful' world inside.

Monday, 21 July 2008


On Saturday, just as I was going out, the postman delivered two packages to me. It was the stuff I had ordered from eBay. Hooray, I shall be able to make some more cards. Mind you I am a little peeved at one of the deliveries, I was charged nearly £4. for the Postage and packing. I always check it when it arrives.

Well the post charge stamp of the outside was for £2.08 So the rest was for the packaging. Right!

They had used an OLD SHOE BOX, how bad is that. I will not buy from them again, I think that is totally unacceptable and will let them know too. Also I will inform eBay of this as it is just too bad. Shame because the stuff I had was good. But I refuse to be 'ripped off'.

Again, I will post a picture here to show you the box and the postage.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


I had been noticing we were getting an extraordinary amount of wasps in our bedroom. I hate them, nasty, vicious things. Well, after dispatching several in one morning, I stood outside on the drive for a while, and saw, to my horror, the little devils have managed to get into our roof. It is just above the window, a tiny hole in the bricks. So I went in and shut the window. Ha! Get in now you nasty things.

Anyway, hubby crawled along rafters in roof and got this amazing photo of the nest they have made, they must have been in there for some time, it is quite big.

We have done the old fashioned, bottle with sugar water in it trick. Hung it outside right near their entrance. They don't like it there, but hey, I don't like them where they are either. They are investigating the bottle but not one has gone to see inside it yet.

I found Gd's 'bandy net' in her garden box and thought if I held it over the hole, they would all go in it and then we could dispatch them swiftly. Hubby said, go on then. Erm........nah, on second thoughts don't think I'm brave enough. There are a LOT of them. Cluck cluck!! Yep..chicken!!


These are just three of Annette's Quilts. She is a very prolific Quiltmaker. I shall get more of her work here once I have taken photo's of them.


This is a door curtain, not a Quilt. I made it, oh, yonks ago, to put over our front door to stop the draughts. Then we got double glazing! but it stayed, as we had got used to having it there by then. The small pictures are close ups of two of the butterflies. They are appliqued by machine, I used sari silks for them cos I wanted them to shine.

These two 'special' teddies were bought for me by an old friend who I have now lost contact with. It happens! I hope when you click on them you will be able to read their placards. Hee hee. How true. She knew me so well!



These are some more of the Mini Quilts from the Pizzazz swap, I am hoping to get permission for all of them. I do have Judy's permission, just waiting for the picture to arrive so I can post it here. Meanwhile, Enjoy these little beauties.
Hummingbird by Judy
4 patch flowers by Leah
Recycle by Kimberly
Square in a Square by Lynn
Fabulous Flowers by KR
40's fabrics by CaroleMarie
Carnival Mask by Bev
Crazy Patchwork by Peggy
Flowers by myself.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


I am trying to load pictures of other mini quilts here but yahoo is not letting me do it just now. grrrrr

Friday, 18 July 2008


In the group Pizzazz that I am in we did a Mini Quilt Challenge Swap, we had to make a Mini Quilt the size up to us but no bigger than 10" I think it was. Then the list mom, got her son to pull out who would send to who. My Mini Quilt is going to Peggy, I hope she likes it.
I got Carole Marie's Mini Quilt.
It is called 'Love of the 40s' for obvious reasons.
Isn't it gorgeous. I love it to bits.

AND THEN... In the very next post I received from Elaine, a card I had admired on her Blog. I had no idea it was me it was coming to. Don't you just love it. She is just so clever with her cards. Here it is...

So a HUGE thank you to both these ladies, they really made my day for me.


Kath sent me these for a challenge again. Got to go ring my muse.


Enjoy looking at my lovely cards. I am again so lucky to have received these wonderful works of art. Thank you ladies.
And just look at that brilliant piece of fabric from Carole Marie, how funny is that!