Thursday, 10 July 2008


This evening hubby had to go round 'A' to sort out her puta!! It was all quiet here so I prepped some cards. I got;
10 Ginkgo
5 Asian
all ready for stitching.
I also cut out a stack of 'backs' for the card addresses, all different colours so I am ready when the fronts are done. I do like to be organised with my cards.

I have also finished my ONLY LACE cards and JUNGLE cards ready for the post. NOT all this evening you understand. I am trying to get up to date so if there are any cards for the same person I will be able to double them up in an envelope, sneaky huh!

I have parceled up, well big enveloped! up things for Elaine, KR and Noel. Just got Carole Marie and Kath's to do and then I am up to date there. I am on a roll!

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