Saturday, 12 July 2008


I have been finding it a bit lonesome on my group sites of late. It seems when I am on there, the others are either busy or asleep or whatever. AND, I cant even raise Elaine on Skype. So I have been chatting to myself mostly, as I am now, it just doesn't seem like fun anymore. Ho hum, I am still signing up for swaps, but I do miss the ladies chat. Glad Kath keeps in touch. Is it me?

I have had a busy few days, am slowly but surely catching up with the swaps I am in. I am going to have to thin these down; trouble is, I love making the cards. I may have a few weeks rest from them though and get back to quilting, my first love. I have a stack to finish, as you can see from the list over there.

Also, I have a machine class this coming Saturday, and I have to sort out the needs list etc for that - busy, busy, busy! So I guess I should close and go get on with it. Saturday will be here before I know it.

Cant remember if I mentioned the water here?? Well it is safe again for us to use from the tap now, thank goodness, what a bore that was boiling all the water. Makes you realise how lucky we are to have the ease of it straight from the tap.

A friend's daughter has had a major operation, not going into detail here, suffice to say she is now home and doing well, back to hospital for check up next week. I have my fingers crossed all will be well for her. Been a terrible time for her family. When I put on the group site about her, some of the ladies are going to send her a card. I think that is so good of them, but then, the ladies of Pizzazz group would think of that. This seems a bit 'glib' for what she had done, but I am sure she wont want it blasted all over my Blog. The people who matter, know.

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