Friday, 18 July 2008


In the group Pizzazz that I am in we did a Mini Quilt Challenge Swap, we had to make a Mini Quilt the size up to us but no bigger than 10" I think it was. Then the list mom, got her son to pull out who would send to who. My Mini Quilt is going to Peggy, I hope she likes it.
I got Carole Marie's Mini Quilt.
It is called 'Love of the 40s' for obvious reasons.
Isn't it gorgeous. I love it to bits.

AND THEN... In the very next post I received from Elaine, a card I had admired on her Blog. I had no idea it was me it was coming to. Don't you just love it. She is just so clever with her cards. Here it is...

So a HUGE thank you to both these ladies, they really made my day for me.

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