Monday, 7 July 2008


These are Postcards and QTC's I have posted. I was getting a bit behind with the making of my cards. I had a reminder in an email from one of the ladies, she was chatting away about the swaps she had signed up for , and 'ping!' Oops, I remembered I had signed up for the same ones as she had and hadn't put them on my lists. Oh BAD BAD girl. All corrected now and on appropriate lists. All I have to do now is make them!!! Talking of making them... will post separately....I had some disasters! Oh yes! Not these.

These are Bling cards I had fun making. I hope the recipients feel they are 'blingy' enough!! This greeny one is just a negative of the one over there, I like to see what it looks like in negative! Kooky huh!

This Rainbow card is a 'pocket' card, it has a small gift in the pocket. The next three are Pizzazz birthday cards for July ladies. Our 'Calender Keeper' keeps us informed of who is next on the birthday list. Just as well cos I would forget.

On to the disasters!!!!!

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