Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Remember my Jungle cards I made....boring looking weren't they. Well I couldn't put the whole thing here cos people peek here to see the cards they are getting.

Now they are starting to arrive, I can put what they are like when you open them up. I hope the ladies will be surprised when they see the 'colourful' world inside.


Janec said...

I am now caught up on your blog. ou weren't on today so I bet that pute of yours was giving you heck.. I LOVE all your recent cards. The tatoo one is especially nice.. and the umbrella.. hmm. could that be for the weather swap???

Janec said...

I must have been on sarahs msn.. sorry it is me Elaine that lef the comment

jan said...

Hi Elaine, No the umbrella was for a Mingle swap on another group I am in, you have to depict the Month as you feel see it! And as it had been nonstop rain here that is what I thought the pc should be. since I made it and posted it we have had sunshine, and its hot hot hot hot hot!