Sunday, 20 July 2008


I had been noticing we were getting an extraordinary amount of wasps in our bedroom. I hate them, nasty, vicious things. Well, after dispatching several in one morning, I stood outside on the drive for a while, and saw, to my horror, the little devils have managed to get into our roof. It is just above the window, a tiny hole in the bricks. So I went in and shut the window. Ha! Get in now you nasty things.

Anyway, hubby crawled along rafters in roof and got this amazing photo of the nest they have made, they must have been in there for some time, it is quite big.

We have done the old fashioned, bottle with sugar water in it trick. Hung it outside right near their entrance. They don't like it there, but hey, I don't like them where they are either. They are investigating the bottle but not one has gone to see inside it yet.

I found Gd's 'bandy net' in her garden box and thought if I held it over the hole, they would all go in it and then we could dispatch them swiftly. Hubby said, go on then. Erm........nah, on second thoughts don't think I'm brave enough. There are a LOT of them. Cluck cluck!! Yep..chicken!!

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