Saturday, 5 July 2008


These are bits and bobs from my mum's old sewing basket, I was chatting to Elaine on Skype last night and mentioned these and she was oohhing and ahhing so if Elaine feels she would like these and can make use of them, they will be winging there way to her. My mum would just have been pleased someone was making use of them. Better than going in bin!

Oh, Elaine got the small wall hanging I had made, forgot that. She also liked it so that was good too.


Noel said...

What a nice gift to give to someone...Love all the bits and bobs too! The wall hanging is great...the picture won't come in closer to see the detail tho!

jan said...

Hi Noel, if you go back to Tuesday 27th May posting you will be able to see close up if you wish to see it. :-)