Tuesday, 1 July 2008


So what did I do in all this heat, I tidied. It was too hot to sew. My tables had got a little bit haywire so I had a grand clean up and clear out. They are respectable oh look at that!!!! respec table.....again.....but for how long I wonder this time.
This evening it was a lot cooler, I wonder if we will have any rain? We could do with it, our water butts are nearly empty.
Oh Talking of water. We are without any at the moment. Well I guess that is not strictly true, We can wash in the water that comes through the taps, BUT drink it NO NO NO so all water needed for cleaning teeth, preparing veggies, cooking drinking, you get the idea, has to be boiled. Apparently our water in this area has a nasty bug in it and makes it unsafe to drink. We have been told this is going to be going on for about 3 weeks. What a pain it is, boiling all this water, our lecky bill will probably be horrendous.


Noel said...

Doesn't that make you think..if you can't drink it or clean food with it before boiling but yet you can wash your hair and body with it....never did make any sense to me...we get that here every so often too!

jan said...

No Noel....don't think!!! Don't go there!!!!