Monday, 21 July 2008


On Saturday, just as I was going out, the postman delivered two packages to me. It was the stuff I had ordered from eBay. Hooray, I shall be able to make some more cards. Mind you I am a little peeved at one of the deliveries, I was charged nearly £4. for the Postage and packing. I always check it when it arrives.

Well the post charge stamp of the outside was for £2.08 So the rest was for the packaging. Right!

They had used an OLD SHOE BOX, how bad is that. I will not buy from them again, I think that is totally unacceptable and will let them know too. Also I will inform eBay of this as it is just too bad. Shame because the stuff I had was good. But I refuse to be 'ripped off'.

Again, I will post a picture here to show you the box and the postage.

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