Friday, 29 February 2008


I want a chair, right under this tree and a good book to read.
That'll do me.

Thursday, 28 February 2008


Interactive Roland from Lily in USA.........the Gum Leaf from Lynne in Australia...

Over Purple Slash from Kath in Kent,
not only slashed but beaded and sequinned too..
Lovely, thanks Kath

Above is my April Mingle - April showers!!!
To the right I printed it also in Black and White..just for fun, but doesn't it look dramatic!


From Judi in Kent, I love the edging on this one...
From Susan in Sioux Falls, USA
AND this one too, from Susan, I love the dangling beads.

I always want to call these 'cutesies'.....think about it!


A little patch of the garden looks just like Spring. The Snowdrops and Cyclamen are from Mum's
garden, the Polyanthus are ones I bought.
There are Snowdrops all over the garden as I took quite a lot and they have gone forth and multiplied. The Cyclamen are taking their time, but I do believe this year we will have more than we have had in the past. I love the little wild cyclamen, as much as the indoor type, they are so pretty.
It's a bit weird but the one I have inside doesn't have any leaves growing, it just keeps sending flowers all the time....very strange!


Used my new camera and took some piks of these in the garden.

Trial run as it were. Yep. Pleased with that.


I think I just might close down now in case I get a repeat of last night.
Am very pleased with myself as I managed to get the April Mingle card finished, finally. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Thanks Di.


Oops a daisy!
Remember I had set my Blog free on the sites I belong to, well. ... Kath, sent me an email to let me know she couldn't access it.
Yep, I had put Blot not Blog.
Kath, if you have managed to get here and are reading this now. Sorry.


I was sitting here last night, well, this morning, at the computer, when at almost 1am there was a most peculiar sound, was it a bang, thud, a very strange sound, like someone was throwing something very heavy at the house. The monitor started to shake, as did all my ornaments and pictures on the walls, in fact I swear the house moved.
I know I did.
Very quickly (!) I jumped out of the chair, am sure I said a rude word, but hey, you had to be here.
I went to every window and checked outside, I wasn't going out there, who knows what was awaiting me in the bushes!!! Came back to the computer, switched off PDQ. The ornaments were still shaking, as I was, I can tell you. This was a matter of minutes but seemed an awful lot longer at that time of the morning.
And then..................
So quiet it was spooky.
I went to bed and pulled the duvet right over my head, hubby was snoring away, completely oblivious as to what I had gone through!! I could hear my heart beating though.
Anyway, this morning he was checking the outside of the house after I had told him all of the above, and he saw Pat and John who live up the top of the Close, and they informed him that we had had an earthquake, not actually here, but in Lincolnshire. We got the tremors, in fact practically the whole of our country, small as it is, got them.
So there we are, it measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. Pretty big huh!

Monday, 25 February 2008


Well I have just set this Blog free on all the swap sites I am on. Whether I should have remains to be seen. So, if you are reading this from one of the sites, do be kind, I am new to this blogging lark as I said before, not new to sewing, been doing that for as long as I can remember and then some!
Looking it over quickly myself, I have seen that I still haven't got up to date with my NYR's. Tut tut tut.


During the past fortnight I have received so many cards I found it easier to make another Slide movie for them all as it takes me so long putting them on one by one, so do take time to sit back and enjoy the lovely cards, I am sure you will like them, I do. I do apologise as I said for the duplication, I am getting so many quite fast now, I tend to forget which ones I have already put on, but it never hurts to see them twice!!


This is KR's Vintage card to me, it is great, see what you think...

Front of card...the picture lifts up to reveal....

The Story...
Thank you so much KR my friend, I love it.


I think some of these have already been put on................................whoopsadaisy


Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Can't you just see Elvis, singing Aloha Ohhhh Aloha Aaaa...or something like that, just off to get my grass skirt on. I'm coming Elvis, don't leave the building yet! This is for Elaine, the first of many - I hope.
Aloha Elaine.

Monday, 18 February 2008


Ready for posting to the Birthday girls...
this little dot was a set I duplicated so I squashed it til it disappeared...


From Di, just love those leaves and swirls...
From Donna, an actual mask but still 6 x 4 postcard..clever from Alice who is new to postcards, brilliant Alice, keep it up

March Mingle from Lynn a complete surprise this one, Lynn has very kindly sent one to Everyone. Thanks Lynn.


The last Mardi Gras card plus.. This was Batik fabric only to be used...
Patchwork card use at least four fabrics.. trip around the world pattern seemed appropriate...
This theme was, Couched threads, a slightly different angle from me!!
My March Mingle, the old March winds I thought to depict, hope it worked..
These all made by me, the next post are some of the cards I've far

Friday, 15 February 2008


Well. I didn't get even as much as a card this year! Mind you, I didn't buy or make one for his lordship so I guess that evens things out.
This afternoon I managed to get a lot of cards sewn ready for the address part to be attached and this evening I did some more, so I now have 13 {oh dear} cards ready for the address side to be put on, then they can be posted. When they are complete I will post them all here, I love these cards, they are simple, they were fun to do, used a lot of thread, but as I have a lot it doesn't really matter. Will make more at a later date in different colours. Twelve of the cards are for the birthdays I have missed for one of the groups I am in, naughty me!! The 13th is for Elaine, well her sister really. That is if she would like it!!!!
Spellcheck still not working on blogger.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Right, I have just been through the whole blog, and there is a lot of it!! I have been correcting mistakes, hope I haven't missed any, Spellcheck Still isn't working apparently!!!! I have also put the names of the people who sent the cards to me next to or as near as possible to the card they sent, if that makes sense!!
I have just made a new setting at the side bar for me - and you - to be able to see at a glance, where all my lovely cards are coming from in the world. I already have a few countries, as more people join the groups I am in there will be more countries added I am sure. I may put states in the countries, not sure yet. Mind you it would look good but could make for a really l-o-n-g side bar! What do you think?
Oh, it's Valentine's Day. I wonder!!!
Right, enough of this playing, I have work to do, I have a lot of Birthday cards to make and send as I am Waaayyy behind with them, and I have now promised on the group site to get them done, so bye for now, I will be back when I have done them all to post the pictures here. I'm gone!


Now KR has received the card I can put picture here. I tried to make it as 'vintage' as I could. Did I succeed? You be the judge.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


This QTC is from Lori in Enfield USA, they made her fill in a customs label!!! Just love that button.. This little QTC beauty is from Susan in Sioux Falls USA, love the edges and those roses..
This postcard is from Ati in Norway.. Batik Beauty theme, lovely embroidery on here..
Norma from Irving USA sent this one her chosen word was 'KISS' isn't this clever?
Donna in Prescott USA sent Snoopy, what a character he is, still going strong!
These were the cards I received today, they seem to be coming thick and fast now, lovely. It is amazing how each one is so different, and I believe I haven't spotted a duplicate fabric yet!

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Ohh look. Cookies. All the way from America. Made by Elaine just for me. Not really, but ohh can't you just taste them. Mmmmmmm

Better put this right.
They are real cookies
Elaine did make them.
She is in America.
BUT sadly I am not, so I can't eat them.
Her family did, eat them that is, sent me pictures to prove it too. Cheeky monkeys.

Saturday, 9 February 2008


How very strange, these pictures have gone all over the shot! And the sizes!!! What happened there I ask myself? The little - ! - bird card is actually a QTC, from Lily in Rochester USA, why it looks so big I haven't a clue. The pocket card below, from Leah, Lake City USA had the miniature quilt inside its pocket, what a lovely surprise that was. The Big red heart is from Mary, Brooksville USA, it is all tiny beads, the Bear, fishing is from JoAnn, Dillingham, USA, I like the way she has done the water's edge.

I am hoping that soon I will have a complete set of cards of the POCKET or QTC swaps, or even one of the other sets I am in, I will then have to re-think the pictures, as I want to show the sets together. That is my plan anyway.


These are cards all ready for the post on Monday, they have been made for an 'Easter' swap. I have done Easter Bonnets as you can see, I think my favourite is the one in the centre above, no, on second thoughts I think it has to be the one to the right on the lilac background, or maybe the one above it, oh I don't know I like them all really, I just hope the recipients do too! If you look back at earlier posts, you will see I did something similar for a swap that was 'HATS' theme. In that one I used ladies faces, these are all children, aren't they cute faces?