Monday, 4 February 2008


I do actually have another picture of a card to post but KR may be looking at this sometime and I don't want you to see the card before you get it. Sneaky or what?
Hmmm..New Year rezzies, I am not doing very well on any of them apart from keeping my cupboard tidy, I had a grand clear out at the weekend and sent two carrier bags full of stuff to the school. The teacher was absolutely delighted. Just goes to show, one man's rubbish is another's treasure.
Right, I do believe I am up to date now at last with all the cards posted on here that I have received and sent.
I am going down with a gruesome cold, I don't very often get them but when I do, they are nasty so and so's. Do hope it doesn't stop me from my sewing.
If you have been looking at all these cards I do hope you are not bored again. I just love my cards, the ones I receive are all so different, and the ones I send, well, I hope the recipient likes them. I do my best.
The spellcheck is still not working, it is apparently being sorted. Good.

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