Monday, 4 February 2008


Not too sure how it happened but February is here, it is in fact 4th now. Well, I say I don't know but, whew, I have really been giving my postcards my whole time just lately, I signed up for so many - can't resist them - that I felt I was getting a bit behind on them. So I'm afraid this had to lay dormant for a while. I'm back now. Not completely up-to-date with PC's but not behind so that's okay.
I have been telling people I have a Blog now, so it won't be just Di and Elaine who see it now. Just a few people, crazy thoughts now are going through my head, like, they will think I am stark staring bonkers talking to myself. Ah well. One of the people I have told, just last night, is KR, she is a lovely lady from USA who I have met throught the PC's, I can't believe how friendly she is and so helpful to me. KR is from the latest swap I have joined, PP, it is a really great group. the ladies are so funny, it has opened a whole new world to me I can tell you.
Of course that is where I also met Elaine, in a PC swap. I still cannot believe how easy it has been to do all of this, well, not that easy really, but I am getting there, and along the way I have met so many lovely people. Thank you Di for getting me to do this Postcarding and Blogging. I am having a great time.
This is a quick note - hahahaha - to get me back into the swing of Blogging again, lots of cards to post later, but I have to go to town first.
See you later folks.
You see what happens, I don't post for a while and I forget things, just tried to do the spellcheck!! and it's not working for me. What have I done now?

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