Thursday, 14 February 2008


Right, I have just been through the whole blog, and there is a lot of it!! I have been correcting mistakes, hope I haven't missed any, Spellcheck Still isn't working apparently!!!! I have also put the names of the people who sent the cards to me next to or as near as possible to the card they sent, if that makes sense!!
I have just made a new setting at the side bar for me - and you - to be able to see at a glance, where all my lovely cards are coming from in the world. I already have a few countries, as more people join the groups I am in there will be more countries added I am sure. I may put states in the countries, not sure yet. Mind you it would look good but could make for a really l-o-n-g side bar! What do you think?
Oh, it's Valentine's Day. I wonder!!!
Right, enough of this playing, I have work to do, I have a lot of Birthday cards to make and send as I am Waaayyy behind with them, and I have now promised on the group site to get them done, so bye for now, I will be back when I have done them all to post the pictures here. I'm gone!

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