Friday, 15 February 2008


Well. I didn't get even as much as a card this year! Mind you, I didn't buy or make one for his lordship so I guess that evens things out.
This afternoon I managed to get a lot of cards sewn ready for the address part to be attached and this evening I did some more, so I now have 13 {oh dear} cards ready for the address side to be put on, then they can be posted. When they are complete I will post them all here, I love these cards, they are simple, they were fun to do, used a lot of thread, but as I have a lot it doesn't really matter. Will make more at a later date in different colours. Twelve of the cards are for the birthdays I have missed for one of the groups I am in, naughty me!! The 13th is for Elaine, well her sister really. That is if she would like it!!!!
Spellcheck still not working on blogger.

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