Thursday, 28 February 2008


I was sitting here last night, well, this morning, at the computer, when at almost 1am there was a most peculiar sound, was it a bang, thud, a very strange sound, like someone was throwing something very heavy at the house. The monitor started to shake, as did all my ornaments and pictures on the walls, in fact I swear the house moved.
I know I did.
Very quickly (!) I jumped out of the chair, am sure I said a rude word, but hey, you had to be here.
I went to every window and checked outside, I wasn't going out there, who knows what was awaiting me in the bushes!!! Came back to the computer, switched off PDQ. The ornaments were still shaking, as I was, I can tell you. This was a matter of minutes but seemed an awful lot longer at that time of the morning.
And then..................
So quiet it was spooky.
I went to bed and pulled the duvet right over my head, hubby was snoring away, completely oblivious as to what I had gone through!! I could hear my heart beating though.
Anyway, this morning he was checking the outside of the house after I had told him all of the above, and he saw Pat and John who live up the top of the Close, and they informed him that we had had an earthquake, not actually here, but in Lincolnshire. We got the tremors, in fact practically the whole of our country, small as it is, got them.
So there we are, it measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. Pretty big huh!

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