Friday, 30 March 2012


Got this at Christmas from Wendy,
a lady in my group 'The Quilt Set'
thank you Wendy

Thursday, 22 March 2012


On the Popular Patchwork Forum, I set everyone the Challenge of making  a Journal on the 6th day of each month this year. I have to say we have been getting a wonderful assortment of Journals. Here is mine for February 6th - no not the first picture, that is just showing what is should have looked like!!!!
 I had a grand tidy in my sewing room...
Also on the Forum, Katy - our leader - sets us a challenge each month with a new technique, well new to some of us. The technique for February was Miniature work - groan!!!! I first made the small bears paw block then opted to make some trees ala paper foundation piecing, the tape measure is showing the size and there is a 5p piece in the small triangle of one of the lower trees....mad or what!!
 After making them I decided I would make a picture [again], so I gave the trees a bit of a chop cos I didn't want the blue surround anymore. I made a couple of tiny bears and then did a woodland scene, they are playing hide and seek, the one with the blindfold on is saying - "8-9-10 coming ready or not", the one hiding is under the waterfall...
I had great fun making this, returned to my childhood I think..
 close up of the small bear...
 and the one hiding under the waterfall which I have moved out of the way
to prove there is a bear there...
I can't remember if I mentioned I have been playing with some Voile's,
this is the back view...
 here is the front view, I love this and will make some more pieces before
I finally decide what to make with them...
Another Journal page [oh dear] for the FMQ Challenge this time - I didn't enjoy doing the open feathers and was going to give up, but the ladies on the forum for this encouraged me to have another go, one said to try a palm tree, I used a piece of fabric I had dyed myself a while back. I feel it is missing something, so have decided to do more work on this one, watch this space..
 This is my lovely big sewing table which is normally cluttered with all sorts of stuff, along with my lovely machine of course. I cleared it ready to pin up Marian's VERY LARGE quilt she has sent to me for quilting, I am calling it the BEAST because it so HUGE!!! No pictures will be on here or anywhere else for that matter of the Quilt, as her friend has requested no-one sees it. Fair enough. I will abide by her wishes.
my lovely machine...
The other day whilst lost for something to do!!!!!! I decided to have a mini move round in my sewing room. I have a piece of Ercol furniture I 'nicked' off Annette and inside were stacks of Rebecca's old clothes waiting to be turned into a Quilt. Hmmmmmm I decided to oik them all out and use it for my UFOs, well some of them at least. So the following pictures are of UFOs obviously waiting to be finished. One day my friends one day.
fabrics for a UFO -
 backings for UFOs
Waiting to be turned into something for some special people...
 back of above bag...
 Embellisher foot in a safe place now...
 Journal pages in storage until end of year...
 sparkly fabrics and some fancy nets...
all of the above in the Ercol unit...
I need to investigate as to what is in those two drawers next time...