Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Alison from the Popular Patchwork Forum got in touch with me and asked me to quilt one of her quilts. Now I know Alison is a Master Quilter, so was intrigued to see what she would send me to quilt. At the moment she is unable to do quilting for herself as she has had quite a serious operation on her back and is unable to sit, lay or stand for any length of time. So lucky me gets the job of seeing close up one of her fabulous quilts. You will not be disappointed. When the parcel came, Hubby, Rebecca and myself were here, we stood gobsmacked when we finally got into the parcel --loads of sellotape hee hee --- Rebecca said "I'm going to get my sunglasses"
Alison had said it was bright.
What she hadn't said was that is was FABULOUS. I had to ring her straight away and tell her how great it was and what would she like me to quilt on it for her. She gave me free reign - which I love folks .
I laid the quilt on the bed for a few days to get the 'feel' of it for quilting, I designed a pattern to quilt on the computer for it, something I have never done before. After yet another day I decided it was time to start the quilting...well it was odd but you know once I got the quilt under the machine, I hesitated.
I sent Alison a message to say I felt if I quilted in coloured thread[s] it would detract from her fantastic design and wondered how she felt about mono filament thread! Absolutely fine with it was the reply. I only use YLI monofilament as it is very fine and soft.
So once I had that go ahead, under the machine it went and again, but again I stopped. The design I had done on the computer went out the window as I decided less is more on this one and I free machined it from my head, as per usual.
I could easily have done vermicelli all over it for an easy option but it deserved better I thought. Sometimes that is such a cop out I think.
I decided when I originally looked at the quilt I thought of daisy chains, so that is what I thought I would do in the quilting, I am not sure if you will be able to see it as it is monofilament. I have tried to get good pictures of it. The only other quilting on it is in the centre of the Floret's and I did circles in that central hexagon. I loved it when it was done and really wanted to keep it. But off it went back to Alison and I can tell you she likes it. So all is well.
Thank you Alison for trusting me with one of your masterpieces. I appreciate it. So here it is folks in all it's glory...
Before quilting...
 This is the back of the quilt, I just loved it, the precise sewing is amazing...
one of the blocks pre quilting -
the border round the main floret
are 1/2" diamonds, rhomboids and tumbling blocks...
the colours are fabulous, how can you NOT love this,

 Quilted at last...
close up of one of the blocks,
can you see the daisy chain?
 the back view...
 close up of the back for you to see the quilting,
can you see the daisy chain?
That is done on the small 1/2" pieces round each floret...
I have been so privileged to be allowed to quilt some wonderful Quilts for people, I just love to quilt and thank them all for trusting me with their wonderful works of art. I am looking forward to doing Rosemary's for her when she manages to correct the mistake we spotted on Saturday!!!

Just a quick word about YLI Monofilament thread folks.
I used it in the bobbin AND on the top of this Quilt - do not believe what some folk say about monofilament thread. IT WILL NOT CUT your quilt, If you decide to use FISHING THREAD well yes, that will cut your quilt, but this YLI is so soft to use, I love it and for this quilt it was perfect as if you imagine lots of different coloured threads on there, it would have completely ruined the look. The quilting is in second place where it should be for this quilt. There is a place for this thread in quilts and I will continue to use it on my own and possible on future quilts for others if they agree to it. I always ask people what they would like me to do quilting wise and thread wise.


Cookie said...

wow, what a great quilt. I love it.
The quilting is awesome like always.

Sandy B said...

This is wonderful Jan and you have done a great job with the quilting.

Diane-crewe said...

wow!! between you it looks fantastic xx


Fab quilt and fab quilting. Love the colours and agree that monofilament was a perfect choice for the thread.
The quilting pattern is great for this quilt but hey! there's nowt wrong with a bit of v'ing.... cos I love the v'eed quilting you've done for me....keep up with the great work mate!
just don't diss the V hahaha!
M xxx

Geta Grama said...

A masterpiece indeed, Jan.
I love your quilting choice.
Was it paper pieced ?
Is there a post with more pictures ?
I will pin it!

Emi said...

Such a beautiful quilt and beautifully quilted. I agree with you about the nylon thread. There are times when it is the perfect choice. Brava!