Sunday, 2 November 2008


As you know, I decided the other day I would do another Give Away, to celebrate my blogging for one whole year!! With the help of a friend I have decided to give away a Quilt, it is only a small one so don't get too exited! ha ha

So I have been going through my UFOs and I have come up with these three. NOW ladies, I am only giving away ONE QUILT, but what I have decided to do is to let the winner decide for herself which one she would like to have!!

These three are as I said UFOs, they need pressing sandwiching and quilting, which I intend to do to all three, so I will be ready for the winner's choice at the end of the give away date - hopefully.

I am leaving this open until the 30th November, hopefully that gives me time to get them all quilted. Now, descriptions of the quilts....
IF?? I get these all quilted and finished before 30th I will close the give away

This one is a mix of 100% cottons and poly cottons, when I do patchwork I very often mix these two fabrics up, I find they are fine. Never had a problem yet folks! Anyway this is red and black and it is chickens and pinwheel hearts. I taught a class on this block, it was enjoyed very much. I guess this could be a lap quilt.

a close up for you...

This next one I feel is upside down, but when I turned it round it looked decidedly odd in the photo so left it as it was! I feel it gives an optical illusion, but that is my opinion. I believe this one is all 100% cottons. On first glance I would say it is predominantly orange. This also could be a lap quilt

This little quilt is mainly yellow I guess, and those of you who zoom in on it will realise it is upside down, the patterned fabric in the big squares has teddies all over and they are as I say upside down - headache!! - I turned it, but it looked really odd so left it. As I say this is a small quilt, possibly a lap or cuddle quilt for a child.

So there we are, ONE of these will be the prize, but I will still be the winner overall because I will have finished three quilts from my UFO pile. Wahey!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on these here, and on 30th November I will do the random thingy and find a winner, get in touch with her and let her choose. Good luck.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Congratulations on your one year.
Love your quilts. I especially love the Teddy quilt. I would love to be entered in the contest if it's not too expensvie to ship it across the pond.
Thank you so much for having such a nice contest.

Leah said...

Jan, Your UFO's are beautiful. It is so generous of you to offer one of them to your readers. What a good way to get inspired to get them all finished as well. Please enter me in the drawing and if I am lucky enough to win, I will have to choose the chicken and hearts. It's so pretty with all that red in it. What can I say, I'm drawn to red like a magnet, ;)

Reflections of life and art said...

We have to wait a whole MONTH....rats....that's like putting Christmas presents out now and saying you can look but you can't have...hehehe!
They all look great but my fav is the heart one but either one will be great to receive!!

Congratulations on your one year of blogging!

deb poole said...

Your work is beautiful. I love your blog. I am thinking about starting one for myself and I sure hope it turns out as fun as yours is. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan - Love reading your blog - brings back memories of home (England) for me. Very generous of you to share your quilts for your anniversary. Hope I can be included in the draw - I love them all.
Take good care of yourself.
Elaine in
Ontario, Canada

vonnie said...

I'd love to be included in this quilty give-away. Thank you for your generosity!

Maggie R said...

Jan... Your work is lovely..What a way to get the UFO's done..
I am very slow in that department...I gotta tell you a funny story..
A friend talked me into getting a block of the month quilt called English Cottages.Maybe you know the quilt?It was quite expensive , but i went along even though I wasn't too fond of the colors. There was a lot of browns , not me really. Anyway, I decided to work on it at a semi annual 3 day retreat I attend with about 45 quilters.Well the whole week-end went by and I didn't even get one block done. It was the WORST in my opinion to piece... so from then on, twice a year Maggie hauls this thing along to work on..It has become quite a laugh!! I will be going again this week-end and yes I will haul the dang thing along AGAIN! I think this will be the 8th time!! I have completed it out to the border which is a Boston Common technique!! Gee I bet it will be at least 2 more times before I get it done...and BTW I have bonded with it after all this time and quite like it now VBG
Maybe I will take pictures this year!! hee hee

Micki said...

Love your quilt for the giveaway and it matches the colours in my are psychic! Joking aside, it is lovely indeed, and I am glad to be part of the fun.

Joan said...

Congratulations on your year, I am brand new at patchwork , in fact bought my first fabric this week , The Chevron pattern just hits me it looks superb what a quilt to give inspiration and determination ,

I do get foggy brain sometimes so had a job doing this even , those lovely colours would clear the way