Thursday, 6 November 2008


Curly is here. What a good dog he is too. I have lovely warm feet. Mind you, when hubby came home from work just after 9pm, he went off and warmed his feet. Mine got cold then. He is so well behaved, a treat to have. Whilst I was machining he wandered in and laid down and went to sleep.

Oh how funny, he has just growled at the kitchen tap, it suddenly shot a load of water through, the sudden noise made him jump. And me!

I do hope my friend Di will stop worrying about him and enjoy her sons wedding.


Reflections of life and art said...

Sounds like a perfect house gurst.
Shayla loves to be in my creative room with me too....she sleeps the whole time she's in there.

Lynn said...

Nice payment for dog care...warm feet! ;-)

Di said...

I'm so glad he is being a good boy (how yucky that sounds!!!). Seriously though I am glad he's behaving and most of the time he is so chilled, if he leans against you and you move, he falls over!!!!
Thank you my friend. Got to go Dad needs his breakfast coooking!!!! Can you imagine Jeff's reaction??

jan said...

NOEL He seems to like my sewing room the best. Clever boy.

LYNN Trouble is when he moves my feet go cccccold.

DI Yep, I can see Jeff's reaction to that!!!! hohoho
He is curled up asleep, the fireworks have been bad tronight, but Robbie soothed him. hahahahaha