Sunday, 2 November 2008


On the Forum of PP the other day I was chatting to Tessa who was saying she was finishing a Pinwheel Table Runner, that made me think of a UFO I had of Pinwheels. I told her I would get it out and finish it.

So, here it is Tessa, pressed ready to sandwich. I had actually forgotten what it looked like. Quite a nice surprise. I will sandwich it and get it quilted then post the picture on the PP site. I keep looking at it and wondering how to quilt it???

It isn't very big so shouldn't take too long. I seem to be in UFO finishing mode at the moment. Which is a good thing.


Leah said...

This top is gorgeous! It is very nicely done with such perfect points and I like how the color flow changes so smoothly. It is a very nice top. Can't wait to see how you decide to quilt it.


Reflections of life and art said...

Beautiful pattern and the colors are so vibrant!!! This would make a nice wall hanging!
Do you send it out to a quilt shop to do or do you have a long arm yourself?

jan said...

Hi Leah and Noel,

This is a real small hanging, I ought to have measured didn't I so you could get the idea of the size, I think it is about 30" square, something like that.
Oh Leah, I bet if you zoom in you will see they are NOT perfect points, some may have made it, but others I am sure will be way off beam. I go with the flow and don't fuss too much as long as they aren't too wide of the mark.
I still cannot think of a quilting pattern as yet.


you do make me laugh. I do all my own quilting, do you know how much it costs to send to a long arm quilter or shop? I am not rich! I wish....
I only have my Bernina, everything gets done on that. Everything. Big quilts get scrunched up and shoved under the space and quilted. The very idea I would send one of my quilts away to be quilted, whew, I bet my friend Di is laughing her head off.
All my own work me dear. :-)

Sue said...

Love the colours in your pinwheels, even close-up the points look pretty good to me.

jan said...

SUE, you are too kind to me. :-)

Micki said...

I love the pinwheel runner that you did...Lovely colours!

jan said...

Hi Micki,
I pulled this out of the UFO pile the other day, I had been chatting with Tessa on PP about pinwheels, it's funny it wasn't how I remembered it at all,
I'm afraid it's not a runner Micki, it will be a small quilt, it's about 36" square at the moment. Tessa has sent me a picture of how I could finish it, and it is a grand idea. It jst may get finished now it is in the daylight :-)