Monday, 29 December 2008


Well here I am again. It is a while since I last posted - 3 days - which is a long time for me. So Christmas has gone, New Year is on its way. I best get the Christmas pictures up first or I will be further behind.
OK. This year because money was tight for everyone, it was decided we would only spend £15 on each other. We all agreed to this, and it was great fun having to really search out the bargains for the set amount. Most of us went over by a few pence, but what we managed to get for each other with the set limit was amazing. As I am sure you will agree. Naturally we didn't count Rebecca's presents in this as things for children are so expensive anyway, she would have ended up with dismal prezzies. So she was unlimited. She is after all our only Grand child. OK we spoil her, I enjoy spoiling her. She is my little Angel. We gave her a limit to spend on us, she was allowed to spend up to £2 on each adult. She did extremely well too.

I got a reel of variegated YLI thread from Rebecca - she must have gone over the limit for this.

Just look at this little Princess....amongst her presents.

Lots and lots of them, she is a very lucky little girl.

Annette got some vouchers for various shops, I love getting vouchers, don't you?

What's in the box Rebecca? This was from Gagee.

WOW, a new Stereo, lucky you. Here it is set up in her room ready to play.

Annette bought these brilliant candles, she stuck them in the Christmas cake and lit them, they went so high, they lasted for about 30 seconds each, I loved them, we all did.

Aren't they great?

So high!!!

Annette got a bit worried about this one, it went higher than the rest, look at her face, she is

saying, mind my decorations.

and then it went out....ahhhhhh


is what it is all about....a full relaxation.....snooze away Gagee.


We had the old records on and the three of them, you cant see Pete, 'played' the piano on the table....crazy....... it was so funny. We were supposed to be playing UNO, one of Reb's new games.

Ahhhhh, doesn't she look grown up?

This is a cushion I made for Michael next door. He just loves Rebecca to bits. I took this picture earlier in the year when he came in to practice his writing with Rebecca one Sunday. I printed it onto fabric and made this for him. He loved it. You cant see in this picture, but on the paper he is holding, is a message to his sister, who lives in Tasmania, Australia. Hi Gilly!

I will post pictures of my fabulous presents when I have taken the photos.

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