Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Last year I 'fashioned' a Ski Slope in our sun room. A lot of decorations were left over, and as I said before, I like using them all, no less is more in this house!! Anyway, everyone who saw it loved it, so I thought I'd give it another go this year. HO HO HO what do you know. It has GROWN. I hope you enjoy the photos I have taken of it.

These are my lovely 'Emily's' they came from Tesco, a new one every year. This year we missed out they are all gone. Boo Hoo.

This is the opposite end, it has one of my Bears sitting watching over everything, he has the wonderful party hat on Noel sent me., and a jumper that says Merry Christmas.

The middle of my ski slope, this is the villagers having a sing song. OK so I have a child like imagination! Who cares. I have fun. Do you?

Snowmen on the 'snow'

All sorts of things on my ski slope.

Isn't he a smart looking Bear kitted out for Christmas?

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photo's, Hubby thinks I'm mad! I don't actually care.

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