Monday, 15 December 2008


Time seems to be my enemy at the moment. I cannot get ahead of the game at all. Maybe I have set myself too high targets, I don't know.
I do know I am disappointed in not hearing from some people. I feel a little let down by that, it is a fact of human nature though, that people say things and then don't see them through. I have been guilty in the past myself of that. I am getting better though. I may be late in answering people - re emails etc - but I DO get there in the end. It's the feeling of being totally ignored, I don't like.

I have just answered my lovely little Liverpool lass, Susan, she sent me an email a while ago and I have just got round to replying to it. She knows I am always slow at this. If I don't have anything to say, what is the point of sending a boring email? So I wait until I do, then she gets a fairly longish one. As do my other lovely people who HAVE stayed with me, through thick and thin. YOU know who you are, don't you.

I am going to try in the NEW YEAR - gosh that is getting closer by the minute - to be more organised with my time and use of it. If anyone has a brilliant plan out there. Do let me share it.

I had an email earlier from Leah, the Quilt she won in my give away has arrived for her, and she likes it. Phew! That's a relief. I do hope she will make use of it, whether as a Quilt for her, her children or her pets I really don't mind. A quilt should be used, it should get dirty and stained, what does it matter? A quilt that is used is a sign the person loves that item, a quilt that is locked away in a cupboard or whatever, is a sad quilt I feel. This is why I only make what I consider would be called - Utility quilts - what the heck, I use all of my quilts, be it on the wall, the bed, the floor, for Rebecca to play on, in the garden as a tent or just thrown on the grass in the summer -hahaha if we get any!!- just to lay on. Use it Leah, to please me. :-)

The package I sent to Noel, still hasn't arrived. I really hope it does eventually cos I know she is going to like what is inside. If she hasn't received it by the end of this week I shall trip over to the PO and see if I can do a trace on it. I have another almost ready for sending but cannot decide whether to wait til after the Christmas rush has passed.

OK, I know I have used the same picture 12 times! I love Poinsettias, don't you, they are really Christmassy. I still have mine that Annette bought me last year. It grows more leaves, but has never flowered after its first flush. I just cant bear to throw it away though. It may surprise me one day and flower like this picture!!!!! I can dream. Wouldn't this be great as a hedge round your garden? Now I am in cloud cuckoo land. AND, YES, I know, its actually 13 times.
You can get it here;


~ Phyllis ~ said...

A pointsettia hedge would indeed be lovely. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Lynn said...

Yes, I agree quilts are to be enjoyed! Touched, held, cuddled in, hung, etc.
I hope you get those letters you are waiting for.

Leah said...

Janet all of us here love the quilt! Even my kids oohed and aaahed over it when I pulled it out of the package. :) Right now it is on the end of my bed so my hubby and kids can snuggle under it when they read books together at night. After Christmas I plan to move it to the family room sofa where we can use it while we watch TV in the evenings. (There is a Christmas throw there now.)

I feel like you, quilts should be used, felt, caressed, loved, and worn out. :) That is how I make my quilts, with the intention of being used. Thanks again for sending the quilt. It will get lots of use in this house. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I know what you mean about time. I have 4 Christmas quilt tops done but need to add batt and quilt and I am not in the mood. Seems I am behind on so many things, and instead of getting my butt in gear like I know I should, I am doing a double dose of procrastinating! I'm vacuuuming, doing laundry, scrubbing sinks, anything to stay away from the sewing machine. Why is that? Am I the only one who does that? Oh phooey.

hugs sue/ca

jan said...

Hi Phyllis,
I can just see it in my garden, could thing I have a vivid imagination!! :-)

Hi Lynn,
Just had a message from my daughter, she has just read this post, and says, don't bother waiting mum, you have got us, what more do you need? Ahhhhhh. I am moving on as of this minute. If I get replies I get them if I don't --life goes on. I also have all of you lovely ladies who write via my Blog. For which I thank you all dearly. :-))

Hi Leah,
I just knew it went to the right person, I hope it gets very dirty indeed!
Yes I have my Christmas things out now, so all the other bits have gone away. I have loved umpacking all the bits and pieces for Christmas. Took me all morning and then some to make my 'ski slope'.

Hi there Sue c/a
Lovely to hear from you. Come on now Sue, get back to your sewing, you will enjoy it when you do. I am about to put a tutorial on for making a bag - my way - of course. Maybe that will give you the push you need. lol

Thank you ladies for your comments, I do appreciate them Lol to you all. :-)
Phew went all hot and cold just then, I pressed the wrong key and all this disappeared. ARGH!!!