Monday, 15 December 2008


Ooh, today, I removed all the stuff from our sun room, it had all been unceremoniously dumped out there. The reason I did this was I wanted to build my Ski Slope again. I can hear you asking what the heck is a ski slope? I did this last year and everyone thought it was great fun. So this year, I have made a bigger one.

The tree is up out there, it looks very grand, not quite finished with the decorations as yet, Annette and Rebecca do them for me. She is far better at it than I am. I always want to put everything I have on the tree. She puts just the right amount of stuff. Always looks good.

It was lovely reuniting myself with all the decorations, although this year there were a few 'extra' bits in amongst it all.

Remember the wasp nest we had earlier in the year? Well, some of the little blighters had had a grand time flying around the roof space investigating all the boxes and bags that are up there. Who would have thought they could get inside a box, then inside a bag in that box? Little devils. I found quite a few, Annette too found some on the tree itself. They were all dead of course, but unpleasant never the less. Two had managed to get right inside some wadding I use for the 'snow' effect for my ski slope. That was fun trying to get them out, till I realised why don't I just tear that bit and throw it away. Much easier.
If you can imagine I have a massive amount of things for the tree, plus quilts, cushion covers and ornaments, all in boxes and bags etc. It took the whole of Sunday morning going through them inspecting for visitors! Even so, this morning I found yet more in the bits I was using. Yuk!! I have got to get hubby to change the quilt that is hanging here in this room for a Christmas one, and to drape the stars around.

I have to put up my Special Postcards. These cards are ones that were made for me by some of the ladies at my Patchwork Group. Suzanne got them to make one postcard each, with a letter on, then send it to me. They were all jumbled up and I had to wait until I received them all to get the message right. It was great fun getting those cards. I loved it. The postman too was waiting to hear what they all spelt. He never found out, bless him, he was put on a different round!!! Even Rebecca and Annette got in on this, they made me really special ones.

This evening I finished a Quilt I have been working on, so that is ready for posting off to its new home. I do hope the recipient is going to like it. I have a few small things I may get finished tomorrow, so things are not looking as bad as I previously thought. I may even manage to squeeze in a bit of Crimbo shopping!!!!! Right some cards!! Maybe not. I have to say ladies that is a job I absolutely DO NOT like doing. I know it is the season of goodwill and all that. But if you knew the pain I get from writing cards, or writing anything basically!! Hm mm. You have to though don't you. It's just not the same putting a typed message in a card, particularly at this time of year. My own fault I ought to do a few a day, that way it wouldn't be so bad, maybe!!

I am off to Rebecca's school tomorrow, they are having a Carol Service at 3pm. I love Carols, so will be there, singing away - if allowed!!!!! I can hear Annette groaning already. HO HO HO.

I will be busy with my camera tomorrow, taking pictures of everything, so hopefully, I will get them all on here tomorrow, if not, it will be Wednesday.

Oh I cant bear not having a picture, so I went and looked at some old ones from a few years ago, this is I think a pretty seasonal one to post. I do hope we have a white Christmas.


KR said...

Hi Jan, I haven't checked your blog in MONTHS!!! Lots of interesting entries, great photo's. How do you find time to make all of those quilt projects? Just wanted to stop by to say "Hi." Happy Holidays! Hugs, KR

jan said...

Hello KR, Oh it is lovely to hear from you. I was a bit worried about you me dear. You were sadly missed.
Your Blog is coming on a treat. Did you see my email to youabout the pictures? I do hope you can work it out, they are much faster loading when they are small. :-) Keep in touch x