Saturday, 30 January 2010


I set up a UFO club on the PP forum and asked that everyone in it used TODAY as a UFO only day. Lots of the ladies complied, some are doing other days, which is fine, the only way to get those UFO's done is for me to nag nag nag nag, and believe me..................I do!!!!! hahahahaha

Well as I said they managed to get quite a few UFO's cleared so that has given me great hopes for beating last years total, which was 53 finished I believe. I am aiming a lot higher for this years number of ZAPPED UFO's.

I got in my sewing room quite late this afternoon but managed to clear three UFO's from my basket, wahey, also got some quilts ready for quilting, and some backings cut for others, along with the wadding, so I was really pleased with myself, imagine if I had been in there all day!!!!

Pictures tomorrow cos we use those EARTH SAVING light bulbs our Government makes us use, and they turn everything yellow in a photograph. Thanks Gov. NOT.

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maggi said...

Know what you mean about the light bulbs - you can do yourself an injury waiting for them to 'warm up' and give some light.