Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The other day when tidying my sewing room
yet again!!
I decided NOW was the time for these to go
they are in a box in the sunroom awaiting a new home.
89 I think....

then there are the books...


24 January---just to let you all know my daughter and her friend are going through these magazines, any that are left they will be taking along to my group, so none will be wasted folks.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

my goodness, the "celebrate with little quitls" looks interesting

searchfamilies said...

The books certainly look interesting
That the trouble with having magazines they mount up & you run out of space
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

You are brave, every time I intend to get rid of some of mine I end up looking through them and thinking "Oh but one day I might ..."

Can't wait to see what you and Ange have cooked up.

Anonymous said...

Some of mine go to the LQS for our "librry" there. Others go to my friend (after I've taken out any patterns I really want!) and I'm trying really hard to only keep special magazines. have a definite weakness, though....and oops, off to Faversham this week where the newsagent has a great selection of quilting mags! :-

Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, you could take them to your next group meeting and share there...I'm sure some of the ladies would love to have a few and as one commenter said there is always the local library...I'm doing the same with my room as well...I have two huge boxes to go through and put up sale and giveaways!