Friday, 1 January 2010


Some people have asked me "what is a journal page?"   Well it is a bit of fun really, a possible way of trying a new idea out on a small scale, as it is A4 size. That is the size of the paper you feed into your everyday printer. approximately 8 x 11.  Why do them?   Why climb a mountain?   Because I can.

Here is the full picture of my last Journal Page. To remind you all, Ferret had done two for the Popular Patchwork Magazine, one of Fire and one of Ice. Sorry Ferret I only wanted to do one, lazy you see! Oh well, here goes, I hope you like it, I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED making it, and am so pleased with the way my beloved Bernina coped with what I was once again asking it to do. Remember my theme was WINDOWS...

Here is the 'FIRE' part...

the 'ICE' bit....
got the windows here

Put it all together = Fire & Ice - my way...

Here are all the other Journal Pages, starting with











and of course - DECEMBER

I have to say if I am honest, I really didn't like doing some of these, I don't like being taken out of my comfort zone, but as I had said I would do them, I had to carry on. My favourite has to be April and December, as they are just machine quilting. Which you know I love.
All the journals were done on my Bernina 1090s, the only bit of hand sewing is in the middle of the supposed to be, Wholecloth Quilt of November, I cheated!
So there we end of the line for them, thank goodness. NOW I can get on with some real sewing. Only joking Katy.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

haha, thanks.....that was me, asking questions again.

Ann Flowers said...

All beautiful! I really love the looks of January and February. You did a fantastic job!

Ann Flowers

Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, I love the fire & ice - very clever. You did a great job with all those journals, it was quite a big project in the end! And its lovely to hear that your sewing machine is a loyal best friend.
Ros x

Anonymous said...

They are so lovely

Ferret said...

There was only supposed to be one for December but I didn't like having such a small piece to hang on to when I was free motion quilting so I put in the one with decorative stitches as well. I love how you managed to get both fire and ice in one quilt. You really get drawing with the machine don't you.

I think it's good that you didn't really like some months too. It suggests you were learning and in some cases that meant learning what you don't like. One of the classes I most enjoyed taught me a techniques I am unlikely to ever use again.

maggi said...

Lovely to see all your JQs together Jan. Nice touch to get the Fire and Ice together.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Jan!:)


Maggie R said...

Beautiful Job Jan. Quite the project and yes..... you can always count on the "Bernina" I love mine too!!!! Trouble is it won't sew by itself!!
I gotta do more this year says I!! hee hee

searchfamilies said...

All are Great
Happy New Year
Hugs Janice

Reflections of life and art said...

They are great journal pages Jan....I love my "Bernina" too and I agree with Maggie I plan on doing more this year as well!
Thanks for sharing!