Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Just look what my friend Elisabeth sent me all the way from Austria,
I really didn't deserve such gifts, but I welcome them all the same ;-)
many many thanks Elisabeth I love them all...

Then I got these from my friend Marian, fabulous fabric and I love that little magnet,
apparently she thinks I look like this cos of the photo of me next to mum -
over to your right folks....
thanks Marian but you gotta stop this you know...

then I treated myself to this book -
well why not I thought -
I am wanting to try something different
and this

Fabulous fabrics from my friend Lisa -
I am just sooooooooooo lucky....

AND these too,
I am overwhelmed by everyone's kindness to me,
I don't know why I deserve all these gifts...
But I thank you all very very much.


This is a fabric Postcard made for the final swap on the PP Forum -
the theme is HANDS and FEET -
the card says it all - and more...

Had some fun making this with loads of scraps,
it will be sent to someone soon....


Sending this to my friend Marian for her little Grand daughter Jet,
she can use it as she sees fit, I will be pleased it will be in use...
the flash has made the colour look dodgy!!!!


Give away time....


THREE bags...
this is a small one

which would you choose?
Let me know and it could be yours.
They gotta go I need the room to make more.....hahahahaha



Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I think everyone is so nice to you and sending you gifts because you do the same for others. I like the first bag, but I do have so many.

Cal said...

Gift bonanza you got there! And it is very nice of you to be offering one of those bags... I like them all, and I am having a hard time choosing, but I will choose number 2

Kathy Sprinkle said...

Wow how nice for you AND of you! I like number three because it is the deepest!! All are lovely though!!

Reflections of life and art said...

Oh I would pick the first's my all the wonderful fabrics....your a lucky gal to have such generous friends.
I like your and elegant!
What a nice gift for Jet...I'm sure she'll like snuggling up with it!
As for the Journal book....good luck and hope you find the!
Love ya!

Pat said...

I LOVE the feather-quilting on that first bag, so that would be my first choice, but....I'd be happy with any of them. I think Tonya had the reason right...about why you have been getting gifts! They are well-deserved, I'd have to say.

Jodie E. Rogers said...

You are blessed with a loving friend and because you are also as loving as them.
By the way, I like the first than the other two.

Pat B said...

You lucky lady, receiving such lovely gifts, I am quite envious of those gorgeous fabrics!
I love that first bag, but then I love purple, but would love to have any of them.

Di said...

What lovely gifts you have received. I've fallen in love with bag 1. Really rich and sumptious!!! You'll have to teach me how to do the feathers.

Anonymous said...

First Girl you are a friendly kind sewing artist who deserves to get good gifts coming your way. Wow, she sent you some great goodies! Love the little doll and the threads!

I love the fabric Lisa sent you Exactly my type of fabric, 2nd photo ones are awesome. My mind is in the mode of looking for fabric for my CQ Oriental wall hanging, I will be making.

Is it possible to ask her where she got them?

Again I am glad you got goodies today. Now we have to wait for you to do something with them so we can drool some more over your awesome stuff!

I also love the second post card with pink border!!!! Wonderful, gorgeous!!! Whoever gets it will treasure it forever!

Oh I need to sign up for your giveaway, I would be happy to win any of the three bags, there are no bag choices. My favorite is the last one. But any would be a privilege to win. So may my entry be put in please:):)

Talk to you soon
Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabric, ooh, and chocolate.

I love bag number one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
I like all your bags. Number 1 is my favourite but I'd be happy to win any of them!


Deborah said...

I just discovered your blog and will spend time viewing old posts. I like bag #1. When is your drawing?

Lady Hopwood said...

Well I am a purple girl, so it would have to be number 1 for me too - in fact when I was a teenager I had a ski suit in those colours, type of purple and mustard. Of course I pulled ligaments in my knee that year and have never skied since, so probably better I stick to sewing!

x Jo

Vesuviusmama said...

Well, of course you deserve all those lovely gift! You are forever sending out your treasures to others, and what comes around, goes around. I've been incommunicado lately, but if your giveaway is still going on, then bag #1 is my favorite.

Cobblestone Cabin said...

Glad you like the Fabric Janet.

Theres plenty more where that came from so if you ever need any more gimme a shout. ;)