Thursday, 18 February 2010


We met my lovely friend Pat in town and finally exchanged Christmas Gifts. Look what she bought me...

Aren't I just so lucky, I was only looking on Amazon at that very book last night.
Thank you so much Pat I am going to enjoy that book
and the fabrics from Alaska too
Bless you xxxx


Meantime back tracking to the 14th
Rebecca made this card for her Gagee for Valentine's Day -

isn't it clever, she did it all by herself -
he loves it of course

and last but not least -
I had a delivery today, look at all these goodies -
I blame Di and Maggi and Myfanwy



Pat said...

Spiral quilts??? Now that is intriguing!

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
What an amazing array of gifts, and such lovely friends. Rebecca's special rose is a beauty - she is a very talented young lady. Ros

maggi said...

That spiral quilt on the cover looks awesome. And I deny any guilt regarding your purchases!

Di said...

Did we put in the order for the goodies or pay for them????? You know you wanted to play all along!