Friday, 5 February 2010


First of all I would like to thank those of you who have joined me recently as FOLLOWERS,
 I do hope I can keep you entertained,
I waffle for England, but then I like waffling,
as you can probably tell. :-)
 A big Welcome to you all anyway.

This was from Fay who lives in Israel, her message was this,

'Hi Janet, I love Venice and am sending you this "fabric" postcard
to which I did not want to add anything! Hope you enjoy this'
Fay, I love it,
I think you were dead right NOT to add anything, it is perfect as is, thank you.


 Well, who would have thought a little thing like a sewing machine needle could make your finger look like this! I have to tell you folks, it looks worse than it feels. Yesterday it throbbed like hell and made me feel a bit sick actually, but today, thanks to Arnica, the bruising is minimal, the pain has gone, but boy, doesn't it look pretty?  I gave my Bernina a good talking to. Actually it was my fault I was using the open-toe foot and my finger just got a bit too close for comfort. BANG! Back to normal today using hand as normal, but I did forget when I was using some Bleach, in went my hand, and OWW OWW that hurt a bit!!!! :-)

As I was able to use the hand properly today I was really pleased, with what I have got through. I finished the quilting on the piece I was doing prior to accident! Just got the binding to do then it's another UFO done.
Cut and pressed several pieces of sari silk ready for making some of those envelope bags for the tutorial I will be doing over on my 'other blog', also got the Cathedral Window tutorial under way. Cut and pressed the backing and wadding [didn't press that] for the OWOH Quilt I really must get done ASAP. Collected Rebecca from school, took her home. Packaged up lots of stuff ready for the post AND took them to the Post Office for weighing and stamping etc etc, they are now winging their ways to where ever in the World....

See, there they are, well, they aren't there now of course. Oh, you know what I mean. Not sure you can see where they are going, let me see....Brown envelopes going to Joan, Maggie and Tessa, blue package going to Tonya, small grey to Phyllis and last but not least the other grey to Ann. I hope when you get these you all like what is inside..... my fingers are crossed.  Tonight I got the binding on my Psalm Quilt too.

What a lovely surprise I had today. The other week Annette worked extra at her 'second' job, so I had to collect Rebecca from school each day. No hardship for me, good exercise in fact. I digress, because I did this, Annette bought these fabulous threads for me from Ebay, she had got some for herself previously and I had admired them, so off she went and bid for
some for me.Ohhhh they are just delicious, I shall be using these tomorrow, I cant wait to get at 'em.  Thank you Annette, naughty girl.

Remember I said about my neighbours and the banging, here are the pictures I took, to see what it was....yuk, sadly, there is no law against what you can pollute your gardens with, well, not for these people there isn't, they get away with everything. I hate them.The fence is ours, sometimes Pete asks their permission to go over and paint it on their side, but they have so many dogs now, I tell him not to bother. That thing leaning up their window and the fence is what causes the banging,  it is obviously going to make yet another 'run' haha did I say run! The rubbish is par for the course for them.

This 'run' has a radio in it which is on ALL DAY, plus a light is on ALL NIGHT, so no peace and no darkness round here. I ask you, would YOU want to steal anything from them?

This is another run which seperates the dogs from the bitches - supposedly. Just look at the wall beneath the window....YUK! You see why I worry, they are attached to us, I check our adjoining wall every day for damp or whatever. We will NEVER be able to sell this bungalow. Who would buy it? Would you? I have just noticed something, what the heck is a bird feeder doing hanging from the rails?????

You can see at the front left of the above picture,  another of the runs in their 'garden' [pigsty] They are a total  disgrace to the Human Race, I am ashamed/embarrassed to have people here to my house, because of them. So if I 'sound off' occasionally, it is because of them, we have non stop barking or howling most days from all the dogs, it gets me down, it makes me angry, it makes me annoyed, it makes me depressed. I know there are no dogs to be seen in the pictures, but believe me, there are a lot of them. I am trying to get pictures of them, but I have a feeling they know I am, so they are not let out now. I will get one one day you see if I don't. Then you will see what I am talking about, they should never be allowed to have animals, let alone the amount they have.
Well that is enough about my scummy neighbours.

Thank goodness the other side of me is a really lovely lady and her son.
Good old Connie and Michael.



Pat said...

Are there no local laws in your village that prevent people from having so many dogs and from having kennel runs right up against fences...especially fences owned by neighbors.... and things like that? I"m glad we do have such rules in place here, because I can see that is very hard to live by something like that. I'm glad your finger is feeling better.....GREAT threads you got and lucky folks to be getting some gifties from you from that big basket of UFO's!!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Oh your poor finger. I'll have to show that to E tomorrow. I'd bet he'd blow it a kiss. OOOOOOOoooooo, I see a package with my name on it. OOOOOoooo......We have great neighbors, sometimes I wonder if we even have neighbors at all. It's so quite. Then again, we do live on top of a mountain in the middle of no where land. ha

searchfamilies said...

Hope the finger is feeling better, you certainly been busy, the Thread is it machine embroidery thread as it looks similar to some i got last year.
Well you take care
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

Have to confess to scrolling straight past the finger but i do hope it is feeling a bit better today. What a lovely daughter you have.

Fay is my swap partner in the next round so I am really looking forward to receiving her card.

I am sure that you have by now been onto the environmental health at the council. I would have thought that the constant radio and light should be something they address, regardless of the barking and the mess. What about the local papers?

Reflections of life and art said...

You literally put yourself into your work...the finger looks smart...glad it's feeling better and your back to playing :-D
The threads are yummy all those wonderful colors...I've never heard of that brand...must be from they sew like butter as they look so silky? You're blessed my friend to have such a thoughtful daughter!
As for the neighbors from hell...I'm sorry you have to put up with that....maybe the only solution is to put ear phones on and listen to your sweet Robbie and to get your mind off it!
And to all the recipients of the packages..congratulations you will love anything Janet sends out!

Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my envelope it arrived today with some lovely goodies inside hope to play on sunday,

I must admit to scimming by your finger as the thought made my legs wobble.. NEVER would have made a nurse, I would have been fainting all the time.

poor you , with the neighbours its a shame you could not speak to a MP

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hope your finger heals quickly and you can return to having fun with your fabrics and sewing.
How awful to live next to neighbors like that. I'm thankful that we have good neighbors. There was a time when we lived next to neighbors that sound a good bit like yours. It was awful.
I feel for you.

Maggie said...

sorry about your finger hope it is getting better
Re your neighbours from hell have you looked at the Animal Welfare Act as I am sure they are not meeting the requirments also if they are breeding dogs if they have more than so many litters a year I think that they need a licence from locl council. Daft question do they stink because if so you should complain to local council as enviromental health should take action

keep your chin up