Friday, 12 February 2010


On the back of this card from Maggi, it says -
These were the words I said seconds before I fell off my bike
in the gravel outside the Co-op and I still have the scars to prove it.
I couldn't stop laughing, sorry Maggi.
Thank you for a great card by the way;
OK serious now, the theme for this swap is
Hands and Feet
I think Maggi has done a great job of it don't you...

Then I get to open this little beauty from Cath,
this is an ATC
itis Cath's FIRST ATTEMPT at making them -
isn't it great - I love it Cath, thank you so much,
she has called it - Exploring Texture - perfect title...

Also with Cath's ATC was this gorgeous card,
I do believe this is Cath's work too, maybe she will tell us on here,


Have you seen on

Myfanwy is doing some tutorials on Journals

I was quite taken with the first one so rang her up and - I have ordered the paints and a book so I can get started. I blame Di for this, she is supposed to be my friend!!! Making me do all these 'odd' things. Seriously, I had a lovely chat to Myfanwy and my package is in the post, I cant wait to have a go, am I changing do you think?
Whilst I was chatting to her I ordered the 2nd DVD for the Embellisher Machine she has just done. I am like a kid with a new toy, so excited. The link for her shop is on the right for you folks. Wonderful things in there, amazing things really. Go see.


I have been sewing like crazy today, I am doing something for Geta, up to her to tell not me.
What a tease I am. hahaha

Now then - this is my Sampler of Psalms Quilt. It is finished, hubby liked it just as it is so I am going no further, I have to quilt it of course, when that will be ??????  BUT, can you spot a bit of an OOPS! Caz did. How the heck I managed to miss it even hubby missed it, I do not know. I will change it as soon as I can, I don't do that deliberate mistake malarky, I like things to be right. Sorry.

Did you spot it then?



Leah said...

Those are some lovely cards. I also like your sampler. I did not notice the oops at first, and probably wouldn't have ever found it if you hadn't mentioned it. But after staring at the quilt for about five minutes I found it. Now my eye sees it every time. Funny how that is.

Reflections of life and art said...

are they the four light triangles in the center?

Reflections of life and art said...

nope I got it the bottom left corner square's not solid white like the other two....:-D

Anonymous said...

Middle bottom, triangles in wrong place darker flower print and light orange brown. Wow it took some looking, reminded me of those kids books with the whats wrong photo games. Although I bet someone just looking at it without you saying it would be hard for most to notice it without searching for it. My eyes were really drawn to the middle. And anyway it is gorgeous!!! I love The colors. The tree is fantastic!

All the post card you got are wonderful. I really like the third one!!

Have a great evening:)

Ann Flowers

Di said...

Yes you are!!!!!

maggi said...

Glad you got a giggle from the card. I will forgive you for laughing at my misfortunes - I was 10 at the time. Love Cath's ATC. Thanks for the link to the Journal pages. There is no stopping you now - you will be a mixed media artist before you know it. You definitely need to get that little triangle into its rightful place in the middle of the bottom border. It is a lovely piece though.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I found the mistake, on the bottom border. It's still lovely though. I like it.