Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Rotten day Monday.
Fed up.
Nothing going right for me at the moment.

Monday, 28 January 2008


Just before I go, Jeanette received her package so that is great. All delivered, all happy.


Will I...wont I.... Shall I...Shan't I....
Set my Blog free. I seem to be just talking to myself, although there seems to be nothing new in that for me just lately. The computer is playing me up this evening, I don't understand what is wrong with it, at times like this I feel it is a bloke. When it is doing exactly as I want it is female.
EFFICIENT...................so you see this evening, oops, this morning, it is definitely MALE.
Time to go to bed and mull over my thoughts.


Hmmm! These were made for a swap that was called - Seed catalogue - I wanted to be a little different so made a flower bed, from the seeds that had already been sown, if you get what I mean!! Think I will get away with it? They are both, everso slightly different. After making them both I realised I only needed to make one, DOH! There is one going spare here.........!!??!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008


She has received the package I sent her. She seems pretty pleased with it so that is good, 'cos I have another started for her. Must check to see if Jeanette got her package.


Why o why do I bother clicking on left right and centre when the blooming thing is going to put them all one on top of the other, oh it does annoy me. If anyone can help with this problem, please let me know what I am doing wrong, 'cos I cannot work it out.


Pictures of cards I have really enjoyed making, the first two are supposed to be fireworks!!

This one is supposed to have been a flower bed but, mmm not sure about it really.
These two I did quickly to show my friend Elaine you don't have to always do a satin stitch on the edge of your cards, lace or ricrac or anything else for that matter is just as good.

This one is the beginning of my 'tree' period..it too was made quickly for Elaine to see the edge

So there we are, the other trees will get here when they are finished probably. I now have to click to post and this is where I get all hot and bothered cos I never know where the piks are going to be in relation to the words.

Saturday, 26 January 2008


Yep, Busy, that's me. Isn't it strange though, now that I have typed that word four times, it doesn't look right, how odd is that because I know it is! Anyway, yes I am busy, still making postcards,-- don't yawn it doesn't become you--I have been playing with trees, not real ones you understand, just ones that pop from my head through the machine onto the fabric. Not bad, room for improvement though, they all seem to be turning out the same and I don't want that, I will try again tomorrow. Different day, different tree possibly.

I have also been catching up on the swaps, I have my 'Easter' cards ready for stitching and the 'February Mingle' is nearly done, I have a plan in my head for the 'Recipe' one. You see how diverse these themes are? Keeping me on my toes I can tell you. I always wanted to be challenged and these little gems are doing that, and it's not too taxing.

I received a card the other day, from Dede, picture going here, somewhere. Oh it is up there! I don't seem to have had much post lately, cardwise, I hope that is not a bad sign! Maybe they will all plop through the letterbox together, there should be quite a few on their way to me.....I think???? I must remember that I am ahead actually of the dates of the swaps, purely because I have to get the Quilt Set's class ready.

A came up yesterday with her 'Hunter's Star' quilt, she wants me to put the binding on for her because it is so big. No problem. It is Gorgeous, a definite capital G, she has hand quilted it, which is good as she hand pieced it, so it kind of follows that it should be hand done, although I am going to put the binding on by machine, she will catch it down on the back by hand again. Hope she remembers to do a label for it. I will try to get a picture of it on here somehow.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Just had a real good study of my Blog lay-out, and decided to change some of it, so if you have already been here once, you may not find something you saw, as I have also been deleting stuff. Been there done that - sort of thing. My mind and ideas are very slowly changing - all your fault Di - although I doubt I will ever lose my love of Quilting, I am leaning just a little to the Art side of things now. I have always appreciated that things can be done differently, but never thought I would be doing what I do today.
Postcards. I just cannot seem to make enough of them. I just absolutely love making them, and this is the perfect medium to try those new ideas on. Think I have said that before, but hey, I'm old, I'm allowed!! And another thing, it's my Blog so I can. Back to the playground Jan.
As you will see, at the side, over there-----------------------------------------------------------------I now belong to FOUR groups. Ha ha, I know Di, you told me sew!! Couldn't resist that!

Monday, 21 January 2008


Well, this is going to be interesting, I had placed these photos, left right left right then centre. Whilst I am typing this, they are one UNDER the other. So goodness knows where they will be when I publish them. Anyway, they are Postcards - of course - ones that I have made recently.
The dragonflies, I just love doing dragonflies, can't help myself, they are so pretty, I try to capture them as they are in real life, apart from their blooming ugly chuffing heads, yukky or what. I do put bigger beads for the eyes though.
This one is made with all the bits off the selvedges of fabrics I have, I got my daughter A to go through her fabrics and cut me some of hers as mine were tending to be mostly Makower.

These two, hmm I was thinking of a song - hence the rainbow - see the writing..... The LIME one has a new home now, Elaine has it, or maybe her daughter!!! Sorry, another Dragonfly.
I havent a clue if the descriptions are going to tie up with the pictures, but I am just about to find out as I press PUBLISH POST NOW........


I have been looking back at my recent or not so recent posts and have realised I haven't as yet put Ulla's card frm Germany on. Putting this right straight away, apologies Ulla. This card has a Velvet background and the suffolk puffs are silk. Lovely.


These are all being posted today, byebye little cards, safe journeys.....


Oh dear, that is all I seem to be doing just lately. Postcards. It's not a crime though is it, I just do so love making them. Trouble is I am getting to the point now where I am having a job posting them. I do though because I know I will get one back and that is the whole point.
I am hoping to be accepted into another Swap Group, one of the list moms has given me a link and I have applied.
Watch this space!!!!!
Sorry Di - heehee
Whilst messing on the computer I didn't notice that it was actually pouring with rain out there, just had to go and retrieve my very soggy washing.
Back to spinning.....the washing - not me. Although........


This is now my fourth attempt at putting two....just two pictures here...... Rocklin card from Debra, and Make a Wish from Mandy

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Lots of lovely cards received and two of the QTC swap as well. I am trying really hard to get the pictures to go where I want them to, but am finding it hard to do. I don't know why. Snowflakes from Cathy in USA... Christmas card from Elaine also USA... Little deer from Jeanette in USA... The two little Bird QTC's are also USA,
Red one from Renetta and this little embroidered chap from Rebecca


OK, I suppose it is easy for you BUT, I have just discovered how to add the LABELS to my postings and then put them on the side - as it were. I wonder if I could say that is February's 'new thing'????

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Hmmm! The weather here in UK at moment in time is absolutely atrocious, OK, so we don't get the really rough, tough weather of other countries, but believe me when you live here and it is rain, rain, rain and yet more rain forecast for the foreseeable future, it does become a little tiresome. The news is pretty depressing as well. Just once I would like something GOOD to be reported, something to make me smile or at least go 'ahhh'. It is days like this that I turn to chocolate. Tch tch.
I seem to have wasted this evening as I didn't get much done at all, I messed around with some postcards, not actually achieving anything at all. Tomorrow will be better, I will finish the cards I should have tonight.
Actually there was one good, well two really good things today. This morning I received two cards, completely out of the blue, neither on the swap list, so that has made me smile. They are from Elaine and Jeanette, to whom I have posted little packages last week. I wish they would hurry up and receive them I can't wait to hear if they like what I sent.
I have decided as a little extra to my new year rezzies, that I will try to learn something new each month. Today, I have achieved this month's goal, I have learnt something new on the computer.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


There we are then, bloke came out to see what was wrong with my washing machine, and wouldn't you know, his verdict, NOTHING, "it is fine, if your clothes aren't dry enough put em on a faster spin"....I know I can do that your moron [sorry] BUT if my silk blouses are in there I am not going to want to spin them at 1600 revs am I???
Anyway, the upshot is, he didn't charge me (us) although he had put call out fee £75.00 at which I threw a hissy fit, but he pointed out he had also put FOC next to it. So why put it in the first place fool. I tell you my blood pressure went through the roof when I saw that, didn't spot the FOC.
So when I use the machine I have got to remember to use the faster spin. TCH, this machine is one month old and already not working properly...ARGH.. I hate machinery.
We, well he-hubby-bought a new fridge/freezer last week, ho hum, when will that go wrong I am thinking!!!!! If it does I am leaving home for sure.
I finally got to the post office yesterday and posted off a package to Elaine and one to Jeanette in America [both of them are] I have my fingers crossed Elaine will like what I have sent her, she is a whizz at the scrap booking and I have sent her fabric and buttons and fancy bits and bobs....see.....no paper!! May have got that wrong. I have emailed her and asked what she does like, so I can correct my stoopid mistake, eejit that I am.
I know that Jeanette will like hers because she particularly asked about a fabric I used for a card and I have sent her some. One out of two can't be bad.
Still making the postcards, am sewing like the wind, I have signed up for swaps that total 34 cards. OMG....
I have decided I will do updates on my rezzies at the end of each month so I wont be boring you through the month with them. Also will give me time to do something about them, as yet, zilch comes to mind.
I received a QTC this morning, I haven't scanned it yet as I was pretty busy today, out most of it. Will sort that tomorrow.
By the way...I don't own any silk blouses, but what the heck, he didn't know that!!

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Think I am happy with this...it is close to what I started with, but a clearer layour I think and my pictures seem to be 'happy'. I know it's daft but I do like to be comfortable with what I am doing. If I am happy, hopefully you will be too.

Friday, 11 January 2008


OK I keep changing my mind, I think it will explode in a minute, I can't seem to settle on the right colours. I want it to be warm looking but not bright. I will get there in the end.


Today, okay belatedly, I had to return a child's sewing machine price £30.00 to Argos, GD had it for Christmas but it was broken, the foot pedal didn't work. Because I didn't have the receipt, it wasn't bought by me but by a friend of my daughter's, they wouldn't refund the full amount as it had been on offer over the Christmas period for £14.99 so that is what I was given. Huh. They didn't have another in stock, NOT MY FAULT.
IF they had had another in stock, were they going to ask me to pay the other half...Hmmm I shall never know. I asked the girl for the HO address, and voice of grumpy manageress shouted, it's on the Web. I gave her one of 'my looks' and said, "suppose I am not on the web". She found me a piece of paper with it on. How hard was that?
Talk about a rip-off. Okay I know I didn't have the receipt but then they didn't have a replacement did they. I tell you I was steaming when I came out of there.
We bought a new washing machine end part of last year and it is not spinning right, the washing is practically dripping when I take it out, so a chap - huh - is coming out 'sometime' tomorrow to look at it. Now this is still obviously under guarantee...BUT... they say if they can't find anything wrong with it they charge £30.00.
Oh to be in England
Now the idiots are in charge....
This post was done on Thursday, yesterday, I posted it just past midnight, which makes it seem as though I did all this on Friday, which I didn't.
Just one more thing to make me mad!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008


I have just changed layout and colours will leave it for a few days to see if I like it. Think this could be better for me. It seems clearer!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Why does it do that? It looked fine before I published, the card was at the side of the wording, then it goes and moves. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I had another card today from Germany this time, really smart, it was VELVET, ohhhhhh lovely. Picture tomorrow, haven't scanned it and hubby snoring!!

These are the two I received yesterday, my postman really loves these cards. Now while I am typing this the cards are above this to the left, where they will be when I click post. Who knows?? Went and had a look and sure enough they moved. Tch. Anyway, the Yeehah card is from Allison in Texas of course and the lovely Lemon is from Lily in Rochester USA.


I have found the fabric I have been searching days for. Can you believe I did my whole sewing room out, and then, was on the verge of rummaging through the bins - YUK - when I dropped a reel of thread and it rolled under my trolley, I pulled it out to retrieve it, and Yessss, there was the fabric, there all the time, laughing at me. Nay mind, I have it at last, I am going to send some now to Elaine and to Jeanette also in America. I sent her the card** I won a competition with and she took a liking to the fabric. She says not to send it, but I think I'll send it anyway, I love surprising people.

I finally got rid of all my scraps, A remembered to ask over at the school if they wanted them, thankfully they do, so they will be getting a regular supply now.

This evening I managed to finish off 7 postcards, very pleased with myself about that, I am getting quite a stock now. But then I broke the extension table on my machine, boogaloo.


I signed onto another swap.

OH NO!!!! Tomorrow I am going to list them all, dread to think how many, I just can't stop myself.

** Here is picture of that winning card. It's up there.....
Well D and E have found me, hi girls. D has got back to her Blog now. Been to read it and she has updated. Said I will post more than her. Are you telling me I natter??? I know I do, once I start I can't stop. Can you tell? E has asked me for my phone number, I daren't give it to her because I am a chatterbox and she is in America and me here in UK.


Told you..........


These are a few of the Quilts I have designed and made for Makower UK, in the past, more will follow, I made 28 in total.........
Don't get bored - get quilting


What am I doing, I haven't got a clue, I have been sending messages via various ways to try and 'chat' online but obviously I am not doing it right - as usual!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I did it, I have managed to get the blog and shops I visit listed and linked properly.
And on that note, goodnight.

Monday, 7 January 2008


Not made a good start to the year, have wasted two days searching for a piece of fabric I want to post to Elaine, and can I find it, can I heck! I have had every box and tray up-ended, re-sorted and it is not there. ANYWHERE. Today I am going to do my fabric cupboard, if it isn't in there, I must have thrown it out, in error I hasten to add. Grrrr it's things like this that hold me up from all the other things I have got to be getting on with, why can't I be more organised?
I have been sitting here this morning sorting all my postcards from my swaps and getting them posted onto the sites, one I posted on the wrong site - oops - had to go back and re-do. That is the problem with being in 3 separate groups I suppose.
Elaine I will sort computer out, Di has been egging me on for ages to join the messenger thingy, I give in, I will do it if I can!!!! Elaine I have printed out your instructions, messed computer up last night, deleted something, dunno what, oh well, let's hope it was nothing important. Will try again later. I really must remember to buy some more paper, I am doing so much printing just lately. Having great fun.
In all the sorting out I did, see first paragraph, I found lots of photos of the quilts I have made in the past for makower, so over the next few days I will get them on here, just to bore you like!!! Ha ha ha ha ha. Also I must post the latest cards I have received.
Anyway, I am going to sign off now, until later this evening and I AM going to send this site to Di and Elaine. Heaven help me now!!!
Be kind to Janet.........

Saturday, 5 January 2008


Pictures of my QTC's

GD collected her HSM bag today. She was pleased with it and took it home before I scanned it in here. Ah well..

Oops a doops, I have signed up for more swaps.....ho ho ho

I have printed charts out for each of the swaps I am in so I can keep track of them all.

Reminder to self.. BUY MORE COMPUTER PAPER, lots of it.

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Gilly didn't make it for a cuppa. she called just before leaving, about 4.45pm, crying, I knew she would be, bless her. Gave her a postcard I had made for her, didn't have time to scan it. It was of a dragonfly, made with beads. I hope she will like it. Will call in and see Connie and Michael tomorrow, check they are OK.
We had GD for the day today, she was lovely, not that I saw much of her, she was mostly with Gagee (her word for Grandad, said it as a baby and it has stuck) although she did set me a task. Making her a shoulder bag with the HSM (High School Musical) pictures I had printed out - ages ago- didn't quite get it finished, will do so tomorrow.
I still haven't told D and E bout Blog yet.......
What a bad girl I am.
I have finished my 5 QTC's, will scan them in tomorrow.
There is that word again.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll do it Tomorrow, I'm always a day behind......
Sorry Annie!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Just realised, I still haven't told D and E name of Blog. Tomorrow I will. Definitely. Hmmmm


Well would you believe it, it is already 2nd January, how time flies. I learnt today that Gilly goes home today, back to Australia, she brought her mum and brother back home [see earlier post] and now it is time for her to return to her family, she is going to call in tomorrow for a cuppa - if - she gets time. She is really nice, I bet Connie and Michael will miss her.

Right, new year rezzies.
  1. Lose weight
  2. Finish all the makower quilts
  3. Make an entry for Festival of Quilts, Birmingham
  4. Keep my fabric cupboard tidy
  5. Regularly clear out scraps I know I wont use - DON'T keep them
  6. Keep this Blog up to date
  7. Make a Journal Quilt page - one per month - in honour of Di's prezzie to me

Well, I think they are enough. Up to me now.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Happy New Year to me and anyone who is reading this. I hope we all will have a good year in this, 2008, that hopefully some form of peace will be accepted around this mad, mad world.
Fireworks have finished so I can now go to bed.