Monday, 7 January 2008


Not made a good start to the year, have wasted two days searching for a piece of fabric I want to post to Elaine, and can I find it, can I heck! I have had every box and tray up-ended, re-sorted and it is not there. ANYWHERE. Today I am going to do my fabric cupboard, if it isn't in there, I must have thrown it out, in error I hasten to add. Grrrr it's things like this that hold me up from all the other things I have got to be getting on with, why can't I be more organised?
I have been sitting here this morning sorting all my postcards from my swaps and getting them posted onto the sites, one I posted on the wrong site - oops - had to go back and re-do. That is the problem with being in 3 separate groups I suppose.
Elaine I will sort computer out, Di has been egging me on for ages to join the messenger thingy, I give in, I will do it if I can!!!! Elaine I have printed out your instructions, messed computer up last night, deleted something, dunno what, oh well, let's hope it was nothing important. Will try again later. I really must remember to buy some more paper, I am doing so much printing just lately. Having great fun.
In all the sorting out I did, see first paragraph, I found lots of photos of the quilts I have made in the past for makower, so over the next few days I will get them on here, just to bore you like!!! Ha ha ha ha ha. Also I must post the latest cards I have received.
Anyway, I am going to sign off now, until later this evening and I AM going to send this site to Di and Elaine. Heaven help me now!!!
Be kind to Janet.........


Elaine said...

This is lovely!! I am proud of you!!! Can't wait to see more pics.. how about one of you??? The QTS's are beautiful!!

Di said...

You dark horse! I'm impressed, well done