Thursday, 24 January 2008


Just had a real good study of my Blog lay-out, and decided to change some of it, so if you have already been here once, you may not find something you saw, as I have also been deleting stuff. Been there done that - sort of thing. My mind and ideas are very slowly changing - all your fault Di - although I doubt I will ever lose my love of Quilting, I am leaning just a little to the Art side of things now. I have always appreciated that things can be done differently, but never thought I would be doing what I do today.
Postcards. I just cannot seem to make enough of them. I just absolutely love making them, and this is the perfect medium to try those new ideas on. Think I have said that before, but hey, I'm old, I'm allowed!! And another thing, it's my Blog so I can. Back to the playground Jan.
As you will see, at the side, over there-----------------------------------------------------------------I now belong to FOUR groups. Ha ha, I know Di, you told me sew!! Couldn't resist that!

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Elaine said...

The hats are staggering.. such a lot of work.. they are beautiful.. you won't be able to part with them!!