Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Hmmm! The weather here in UK at moment in time is absolutely atrocious, OK, so we don't get the really rough, tough weather of other countries, but believe me when you live here and it is rain, rain, rain and yet more rain forecast for the foreseeable future, it does become a little tiresome. The news is pretty depressing as well. Just once I would like something GOOD to be reported, something to make me smile or at least go 'ahhh'. It is days like this that I turn to chocolate. Tch tch.
I seem to have wasted this evening as I didn't get much done at all, I messed around with some postcards, not actually achieving anything at all. Tomorrow will be better, I will finish the cards I should have tonight.
Actually there was one good, well two really good things today. This morning I received two cards, completely out of the blue, neither on the swap list, so that has made me smile. They are from Elaine and Jeanette, to whom I have posted little packages last week. I wish they would hurry up and receive them I can't wait to hear if they like what I sent.
I have decided as a little extra to my new year rezzies, that I will try to learn something new each month. Today, I have achieved this month's goal, I have learnt something new on the computer.

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