Thursday, 3 January 2008


Gilly didn't make it for a cuppa. she called just before leaving, about 4.45pm, crying, I knew she would be, bless her. Gave her a postcard I had made for her, didn't have time to scan it. It was of a dragonfly, made with beads. I hope she will like it. Will call in and see Connie and Michael tomorrow, check they are OK.
We had GD for the day today, she was lovely, not that I saw much of her, she was mostly with Gagee (her word for Grandad, said it as a baby and it has stuck) although she did set me a task. Making her a shoulder bag with the HSM (High School Musical) pictures I had printed out - ages ago- didn't quite get it finished, will do so tomorrow.
I still haven't told D and E bout Blog yet.......
What a bad girl I am.
I have finished my 5 QTC's, will scan them in tomorrow.
There is that word again.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll do it Tomorrow, I'm always a day behind......
Sorry Annie!

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