Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I have found the fabric I have been searching days for. Can you believe I did my whole sewing room out, and then, was on the verge of rummaging through the bins - YUK - when I dropped a reel of thread and it rolled under my trolley, I pulled it out to retrieve it, and Yessss, there was the fabric, there all the time, laughing at me. Nay mind, I have it at last, I am going to send some now to Elaine and to Jeanette also in America. I sent her the card** I won a competition with and she took a liking to the fabric. She says not to send it, but I think I'll send it anyway, I love surprising people.

I finally got rid of all my scraps, A remembered to ask over at the school if they wanted them, thankfully they do, so they will be getting a regular supply now.

This evening I managed to finish off 7 postcards, very pleased with myself about that, I am getting quite a stock now. But then I broke the extension table on my machine, boogaloo.


I signed onto another swap.

OH NO!!!! Tomorrow I am going to list them all, dread to think how many, I just can't stop myself.

** Here is picture of that winning card. It's up there.....
Well D and E have found me, hi girls. D has got back to her Blog now. Been to read it and she has updated. Said I will post more than her. Are you telling me I natter??? I know I do, once I start I can't stop. Can you tell? E has asked me for my phone number, I daren't give it to her because I am a chatterbox and she is in America and me here in UK.

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