Saturday, 26 January 2008


Yep, Busy, that's me. Isn't it strange though, now that I have typed that word four times, it doesn't look right, how odd is that because I know it is! Anyway, yes I am busy, still making postcards,-- don't yawn it doesn't become you--I have been playing with trees, not real ones you understand, just ones that pop from my head through the machine onto the fabric. Not bad, room for improvement though, they all seem to be turning out the same and I don't want that, I will try again tomorrow. Different day, different tree possibly.

I have also been catching up on the swaps, I have my 'Easter' cards ready for stitching and the 'February Mingle' is nearly done, I have a plan in my head for the 'Recipe' one. You see how diverse these themes are? Keeping me on my toes I can tell you. I always wanted to be challenged and these little gems are doing that, and it's not too taxing.

I received a card the other day, from Dede, picture going here, somewhere. Oh it is up there! I don't seem to have had much post lately, cardwise, I hope that is not a bad sign! Maybe they will all plop through the letterbox together, there should be quite a few on their way to me.....I think???? I must remember that I am ahead actually of the dates of the swaps, purely because I have to get the Quilt Set's class ready.

A came up yesterday with her 'Hunter's Star' quilt, she wants me to put the binding on for her because it is so big. No problem. It is Gorgeous, a definite capital G, she has hand quilted it, which is good as she hand pieced it, so it kind of follows that it should be hand done, although I am going to put the binding on by machine, she will catch it down on the back by hand again. Hope she remembers to do a label for it. I will try to get a picture of it on here somehow.

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