Monday, 21 January 2008


Well, this is going to be interesting, I had placed these photos, left right left right then centre. Whilst I am typing this, they are one UNDER the other. So goodness knows where they will be when I publish them. Anyway, they are Postcards - of course - ones that I have made recently.
The dragonflies, I just love doing dragonflies, can't help myself, they are so pretty, I try to capture them as they are in real life, apart from their blooming ugly chuffing heads, yukky or what. I do put bigger beads for the eyes though.
This one is made with all the bits off the selvedges of fabrics I have, I got my daughter A to go through her fabrics and cut me some of hers as mine were tending to be mostly Makower.

These two, hmm I was thinking of a song - hence the rainbow - see the writing..... The LIME one has a new home now, Elaine has it, or maybe her daughter!!! Sorry, another Dragonfly.
I havent a clue if the descriptions are going to tie up with the pictures, but I am just about to find out as I press PUBLISH POST NOW........

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