Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Well would you believe it, it is already 2nd January, how time flies. I learnt today that Gilly goes home today, back to Australia, she brought her mum and brother back home [see earlier post] and now it is time for her to return to her family, she is going to call in tomorrow for a cuppa - if - she gets time. She is really nice, I bet Connie and Michael will miss her.

Right, new year rezzies.
  1. Lose weight
  2. Finish all the makower quilts
  3. Make an entry for Festival of Quilts, Birmingham
  4. Keep my fabric cupboard tidy
  5. Regularly clear out scraps I know I wont use - DON'T keep them
  6. Keep this Blog up to date
  7. Make a Journal Quilt page - one per month - in honour of Di's prezzie to me

Well, I think they are enough. Up to me now.

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