Sunday, 13 January 2008


There we are then, bloke came out to see what was wrong with my washing machine, and wouldn't you know, his verdict, NOTHING, "it is fine, if your clothes aren't dry enough put em on a faster spin"....I know I can do that your moron [sorry] BUT if my silk blouses are in there I am not going to want to spin them at 1600 revs am I???
Anyway, the upshot is, he didn't charge me (us) although he had put call out fee £75.00 at which I threw a hissy fit, but he pointed out he had also put FOC next to it. So why put it in the first place fool. I tell you my blood pressure went through the roof when I saw that, didn't spot the FOC.
So when I use the machine I have got to remember to use the faster spin. TCH, this machine is one month old and already not working properly...ARGH.. I hate machinery.
We, well he-hubby-bought a new fridge/freezer last week, ho hum, when will that go wrong I am thinking!!!!! If it does I am leaving home for sure.
I finally got to the post office yesterday and posted off a package to Elaine and one to Jeanette in America [both of them are] I have my fingers crossed Elaine will like what I have sent her, she is a whizz at the scrap booking and I have sent her fabric and buttons and fancy bits and paper!! May have got that wrong. I have emailed her and asked what she does like, so I can correct my stoopid mistake, eejit that I am.
I know that Jeanette will like hers because she particularly asked about a fabric I used for a card and I have sent her some. One out of two can't be bad.
Still making the postcards, am sewing like the wind, I have signed up for swaps that total 34 cards. OMG....
I have decided I will do updates on my rezzies at the end of each month so I wont be boring you through the month with them. Also will give me time to do something about them, as yet, zilch comes to mind.
I received a QTC this morning, I haven't scanned it yet as I was pretty busy today, out most of it. Will sort that tomorrow.
By the way...I don't own any silk blouses, but what the heck, he didn't know that!!

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