Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Oh my gosh. Someone has found me. I wonder how that happened, I was hoping to keep me a secret for a while.


Well I got all the ironing done, including the four yards of fabric for 'A' for the back of one of her Quilt's, I also read quite a bit of the book 'A' got from the library for me, it's getting really good, do I or don't I believe Jamie????? Few more chapters and all will be revealed. The book is called 'Mercy' it's by Jodi Picoult, I have read one of hers before, that was about the Amish, very good, such a twist at the end, so I am half expecting 'Mercy' to be similar.
Anyway, this evening I got my penguins sewn down, this is a small hanging [Christmas] I am doing with my group. The penguins are quite cute, 'A' has done hers slightly different to me, and I like hers more than mine now. She is a good pupil, or is that I am a good teacher?? ha ha bighead me!!
I must have a tidy round my sewing machine tomorrow, I have two pairs of trousers that need turning up for 'Z' and I have to clear away all the glittery bits that have come off the penguin fabric or she wont be best pleased when she gets them back sparkling!! he he
Must have a word with 'D' about this blogging thing, I seem to be having trouble getting into mine each time I wish to put something in. First though I'll persevere and try to solve it myself as I don't really want anyone to know I am doing this just yet, got to get a bit more confident on it.
Now, will I or wont I go to see my Yahoo sites???????


One of the swap groups I have joined has been dillydallying over the amount of cards we should send each month. I posted a possible idea and got a reply posted as SPAM.

I was a little upset to see that, as I thought SPAM is considered, junk, rubbish, annoying stuff, you get the idea? I posted a query as to what did they mean, and waited but there was no explanation so will leave that site for a few days before going back as I felt like chucking it in there and then.

I thought I had been doing so well on the computer, I have managed to work out how to scan pictures into the puta, not this page yet though.

Oh well, I'll do the ironing, that tends to sooth me out of any discomfort. Strange, but true.

Also, last night I was scrolling through the forums and found one that looks as though it could be fun, there are some 1 to 1 swaps, have told D and we are possibly going to join this one at the weekend.

Glutton for punishment that's me.

Should really be getting on with group's newsletter.... more of that later. The ironing is calling me.

Monday, 29 October 2007


I have delayed enough. I have been nagged. So now, here I go, a Blog. Who would have thought I could do such a thing, the computer is creeping more and more into my life.
I have started today in particular because I have joined no less than TWO postcard swaps on the net in Yahoo. That's '50' postcards I will be making, as I absolutely love making them all is well. I posted my first two today. I will try to work out how to get the pictures onto here, somehow.